DVRFF – Digital Video Recorder Full Fail #0 – Introduction

Since my lady and I invested in a Sky subscription last summer, one of the features we’ve taken great advantage of – which feels like both a blessing and a curse – is the Sky+ record feature.

Sure, you can record something if you can’t or don’t feel like watching it right away, but even since we first acquired it we’ve struggled to keep the free space above 10%. We’re currently cruising at what’s probably the most in months – about 16% – but I’ve a feeling that one day this week I’ll take a sudden interest in seeing the whole first series of Last of the Summer Wine, or maybe my good lady Zoe will develop an overpowering urge to record every film which stars Nicholas Cage. We wouldn’t watch them straight away of course – god knows there’s simply no TIME for that – but every so often we do need to go on a deleting spree to free up space for yet more (non-)scheduled viewing.

Anyway, the things I’ve recorded that are probably taking up the most room right now:

  • –          roughly 20 episodes of Daria
  • –          Baseball: The Tenth Inning – about five hours of this left to watch
  • –          Numerous band documentaries that I’m more than 60% certain I would just skip past otherwise (The Undertones, a full series about the music industry)
  • –          The Three Colours film trilogy


  • –          Eastenders – tonight’s episode while she’s at work.
  • –          True Blood­ – one, two episodes max – three if she’s really behind.
  • –          Holby City – barely more than a ten-minute delay so I can eat dinner and get the hell out of there before she starts it

And ours:

  • –          At least ten, maybe fifteen films from Studio Ghibli
  • –          Charlie and Lola – 10 or so episodes
  • –          4 or 5 episodes of Adventure Time
  • –          The Joy of Painting – too many of these!

This one is the real problem – finding time together to enjoy all the films and cartoons we like watching. So far for only the first time we’ve watched Nausicaa, Ponyo and Porco Rosso – these were all recorded last Christmas!

It’s getting slightly out of hand – we both received a large amount of DVDs last Christmas and, I’m ashamed to say we’ve barely dented those either – the queue is large and I keep putting new box sets of The Office US to the front of it out of impatience.

So, as we manage to knock off tiny increments of space on that shiny box I’ll probably write up some thoughts on my favourite stuff – that way I get to practice TV and film reviews under a unifying theme without having to go to the cinema to watch whatever tosh they have on offer.

Anyone else suffering from Extreme Viewing Fatigue like we are?

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