“Money No Object” Christmas Gifts for Geeks

Fun fact: I’m barred from all Yorkshire-based comic and merch shops on account of my nickname: The Drooler.

Seriously though, I’m definitely one for Shiny Things. Whether it’s the desire to make a small-scale model of my house (or as my lady and I refer to it, The Venture Compund) in Lego or just to admire the craftsmanship of a replica light-sabre, there’s nothing I would like more than just to fill my whole house with, let’s face it, some fairly chintzy merch. Given the lack of shelf space as well as my limited disposable income, I just have to make do with the occasional stare/drool in shop windows or online shopping sites.

If money were no object? Start building those shelves to accommodate the following Geekery:

A Portal Gun Prop

Oh, if only these things were real; fastest and least annoying commute to work ever. Truly though, the eponymous gun from the Portal video games is a gorgeous piece. The link featured here takes you to a guide to how the first replicas were created, with video and pic-based walkthroughs. Some models even come with the ability to change between blue and orange portals with alternating LED lights and the sound of the gun firing being played. Very impressive stuff; and who wouldn’t want one of these on their shelf?

Replica Stormtrooper Outfit

If you’ve got £600 lying about, then first of all: mine’s a vodka and coke, cheers. But second of all, probably the most recognisable uniforms in movie history can be yours to…erm, pretend you can’t shoot a gun straight and can be killed easily and expendably. Worth it though, surely?

The light cycle from Tron

The light cycle from Tron

The light cycle from Tron [image credit: Syfy.com]

Okay, so this won’t actually fit on a shelf, but definitely the coolest thing I remember from watching Tron as a kid was the battle between the light cycles. Since the sequel came out a couple of years ago, one manufacturer has begun making actual working models complete with fluorescent trim and general beauty. If I only had a licence – not to mention the best part of 75 grand!

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