Best Video Game Music

So for the special 100th edition of her blog recently, I asked fellow geek writer Ari what her favourite video game soundtrack was. She replied with Fallout 3 because of the Galaxy News Radio broadcasting legend, Three Dog. I love that station too; many’s the time I’ve had The Ink Spots stuck in my head for hours after making a brief stop-off in the Capital Wasteland of an evening. This got me thinking about the podcasts and specialist radio stations that actually DO play video game music both old and new, and which ones you really ought to check out.

Look. It’s still the Christmas holiday, okay? I am feeling that lazy.

Before I go into details, I should recommend a couple of specialist podcasts that play music from video games: Sekani’s BGM podcast is a great fortnightly round up; as is The Sound Test from; sadly no longer updated. There are also plenty of live radio stations like RadioSEGA and Fuse VGM for all your 24/7 beep and bloop needs. For the fan communities there’s also OverClocked Remix, where old game tunes form the basis for fan remixes; The Answer arranged by Mattias Häggström Gerdt is a tribute album to the music from the Armored Core series and is just bloody wonderful; track one ‘Hello, Thinker’ was my ringtone for a long time!

Lame admission time from spending so much time listening to all these soundtracks and podcasts: I don’t know a single one of these songs from playing the games!

Morning Glow by Kota Hoshino (from the Armored Core series)

Déjà vu (from The World Ends With You)

You Are Smart (from Katamari Damacy)

Game Over Yeah! (from Sega Rally)

(I think I know what my next ringtone is gonna be.)

Instructor Mooselini’s Car Rap (from Parappa the Rapper)

And if any of these songs gets you going down Memory Lane, visit Galbadia Hotel to download your retro favourites – the FAQ page confirms that it’s all legit!

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