The Reader Appreciation Award

I received this lovely award from Ari Carr the other day – she’s the one who writes about comics, you know the one – go visit Comics and Cookies/ and follow her on Twitter @ariellalphabet. Thanks for the appreciation, Ari – I’m glad there’s something about my mish-mash of mumbling you enjoy!


The Reader Appreciation Award – in which readers of a blog appreciate its owner, preferably with cash money but hey ho – is a themed blog post intended to let folks get to know each other a bit better. After thanking the person from whom you received it, the next step is to show some love yourself for the blogs you like by awarding this Award to your favourites, so here goes:

Maria from Home Decorista – demonstrating with every new post just how stylish and fun you can make your home. She’s fairly stylish and fun herself so it’s all good.

Kristina at Mode of Style is always teaching me things about fashion that…okay, maybe I can’t apply to my own wardrobe, short of making some serious lifestyle decisions, but she’s very passionate about fashion, and in my book fashion passion should always be rewarded.

Grant, the Hipster Dad reviews back issues of 2000AD at Thrillpowered Thursday which, as a once-dedicated reader myself, is always fun to learn about the potted history of. Now I’d stopped reading it waaaay before these reviews are up to now, but like an old girlfriend it’s always fun to look up and feel inadequate about what I did with the rest of my life.

And finally, the guys at who found my blog first – show them some appreciation too; their comics are funny stuff.

And now to answer the questions that Ari set for her own favourites.

1.)    Who is your favourite comic book character?

Such a tough one to go with on an all-time basis. I think it’s gonna have to be Batman because of all the bottom he kicks without the aid of magical powers like most of his peers.

2.)    What’s your favourite comic book couple?

Probably Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers – she has the best ever hair and he’s like, the best fighter in the province. I saw the film first and gave it a meh, then read the books three times over, then watched the film again. Completely brilliant.

3.)    Who’s your favourite- Marvel, DC, Image or other?

Probably would have to say Other on this one – out of the Big Two I probably prefer Marvel on the whole but so many of my favourite comics aren’t all published by the same company either.

4.)    In the news of the Justice League film being made, who would you cast in the iconic roles?

Unfortunately I’m not entirely familiar with which characters make up this Superteam, but for Batman I’ll say Thomas Jane, Superman could work with Ben Affleck, then I’d get…ooh, you know what? Nathan Fillion would be a good Barry Allen. Yes. Any excuse. And for Wonder Woman…hmm, how to approach this without saying something like “needs to look great in that outfit” – yes, I think that someone like Malin Akerman (and yes, I know she played Silk Spectre in Watchmen but Ryan Reynolds and James Marsden have doubled up as well!) would be excellent.

5.)    Who is the best dressed in comics?

Dr Manhattan. Next.

6.)    If you could go on a fancy date with any comic character, who would it be and why?

I would say Jean Grey but she’d be able to read me like a book. As soon as she opened her door at the start of the date she’d hear me thinking “we’re going halves on dinner” and just slam it back in my face. So instead I’d take out Kim Pine for a few pints.

7.)    What’s your favourite comic book series?

Very probably the Scott Pilgrim series; so, so funny and well-written.

8.)    What would be your dream creative team on a comic?

Now that we’re over the whole “who owns the Watchmen?” issue I’d love to see Grant Morrison and Dave Gibbons have a go at some more stories surrounding the whole folklore of the superhero.

9.)    What’s the best thing about being a comic fan?

It’s the best of both worlds; great writing and structure mixed up with some very cool art to gawp at. If they gave out comic versions of the Shakespeare plays (and I’m pretty sure they exist!) at school for students to read, we’d have nothing to moan to politicians about when it comes to education policy.

10.)  What’s your favourite part of the geeky culture?

Probably the shorthand language that people with such diverse and cool interests can develop together. I’ve found with my best friends that you only have to make a casual reference to a Simpsons episode or quote a line from a film when it seems appropriate and whoever gets it – well, they’re the cool kids just like me 😉

And now, I’m supposed to ask ten questions – but given the different kinds of blog topics covered it would be weird to ask a fashion blogger which is their favourite 2000AD storyline, and vice versa – so I’ll just ask them five more general questions.

1)      What’s your outfit of choice for a night out?

2)      What are your resolutions for 2013?

3)      What’s your drink of choice at a free bar?

4)      What’s your favourite video game?

5)      Which DVD/boxset could you not live without?

Thanks for reading.

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