Nostalgia Hit: Flashback and The 90s Arcade Racer

If you’re nostalgic for a bygone age in computer gaming then two recent developments should be right up your street.

First off, this:


If the rumours are to be believed, new HD images suggest that the makers of classic game Flashback (apparently known in other markets as Flashback: The Quest For Identity) are putting their efforts into a graphical update of the game, which even back then looked well ahead of its time.

Given that I was eight when I played it, the plot details are hazy; but it involved some sort of monocle that could detect non-human life forms in a crowd. Its inventor, Conrad, awoke in a jungle with no memory of how he got there. Chaos ensues, as it so often does in these amnesiac-based stories, but at one point there was definitely a cyborg wearing a wetsuit and a white headband. Definitely. I had a lot of fun playing this the first time round, and so am very excited to see what will happen with this potential remake.

Another bright light in the dim corridors of CallofDutyWorld has to be this Kickstarter project. The 90s Arcade Racer (which I’m hoping will be the final title) is a project by a chap who calls himself Pelikan13, pledging to bring back the excitement and thrill of…well, the 90s arcade racers he loved so much.

“The three that ate up most of my coins were Scud Race, Daytona USA and Indy 500…my goal is to recreate the feeling these games evoked from players by maintaining the colorful, vibrant look and sense of speed but with modern visuals and car handling models.”



At the time of writing there are 24 days to go until the project expires on the 17th February (which interestingly, may or may not be my birthday coughcoughittotallyissobuymepresentscough), and Pelikan13 has already amassed almost £7,000 of his £10,000 goal – a significant amount raised to bring back a bit of fun to video gaming so gloriously encapsulated by UKResistance and its successor site, NotUKResistance for their “Blue Skies in Gaming” campaign which tried to do away with the gritty realism you see in so many games nowadays and just replace it with something a bit more fun. The 90s Arcade Racer ought to do just that. Now shut up and take my money.

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