QuakeCon 2013 is announced

Hot on the heels of the Blizzcon announcement last week, there’s more good news in store for people who enjoy turning up in far-flung places to celebrate another series of running and shooting games.


Yes, the QuakeCon is taking place in Dallas from August 1-4. The world’s largest free BYOC (bring your own computer) LAN party is back for four more days of gore, gibs and gunplay. Taking its name from the first-person shooter developed by id software, the creators of Quake also helped to organise the event from its third year onwards.

Even the acquisition of id by ZeniMax Media hasn’t stopped QuakeCon from being one of the key gaming events of the year – featuring as it so often does panels and discussions from the major players including id co-founder John Carmack, who last year led a panel on the future of online play. There’ll also be demos of the newest games and hardware developed by the ZeniMax family, and booths – lots of booths.

QuakeCon stays free to attend every year thanks to the hard work of its dedicated volunteers, some of whom originated the event by having a small meet-up to play some networked Quake back in 1996; the inaugural QuakeCon started with 30 attendees, although hundreds more turned up over the course of the weekend as word got around on their IRC channel, also called #quakecon.

So what’s in store for this year’s QuakeCon? As ever, id keeps its cards close to its chest until the time is right – such is the way of the video games industry these days – but I’m guessing that the latest BFG edition of Doom will make its way to the LAN party in some form.

QuakeCon 2013 kicks off on the 1st August at The Hilton Anatole in Dallas, Texas – and you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook for more info. Now start practicing!

On a related note, I reckon I’ll have some more lovely lovely id-related stuff coming up on the blog soon – there’s a book about The Two Johns I think you should check out.

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