March #13for2013 playlist – ‘Animals’

So I’ve been challenged by fellow blogger and lovely person Gem to create a playlist as part of the #13for2013. This month’s theme is Animals. While some have tried to introduce further concepts into the theme, such as Gem’s own attempt to make it educational by relating each song to a subject of the school curriculum, I’m feeling much lazier and instead will pick my favourite songs which feature either a particular creature or just the word ‘animal’.

I don’t have Spotify and, as such, cannot act like a hipster wanker in compiling a full playlist. I have linked from YouTube instead – almost all of them have video which is nice.

Rancid – Rattlesnake

I really wish one of my old punk bands had learned how to play this song, cos then I would’ve said how it’s actually about what a bunch of posers we are. That’s punk, right?

Nine Inch Nails – March of the Pigs

Top tip: if your mate’s band ever gets successful, don’t be a dickhead to him or he’ll write a nasty song about you.

Rage Against The Machine – Bulls on Parade

A harsh lesson in trusting the governmental war machine, or a fun reward for out-rocking Tom Morello on Guitar Hero 3? You decide.

Kate Bush – Hounds of Love

I decided to go with the original over the Futureheads cover; although I’ll guiltily confess that theirs was the first version I’d actually heard.

They Might Be Giants – Spider

From This Might Be A Wiki: “Spider is the product of an idle afternoon messing with the sampler. Linnell did the voices, except for “must…stop!” which Flans added along with the cocktail bongos, horns and sound effects.” It’s a fun song.

Savage Garden – The Animal Song

Don’t you judge me. From the video it looks like the song was featured in a film which had Frank Jr. from Friends in it. I kinda wanna see that film now, whatever it is.

Blink 182 – Mutt

AKA The song from American Pie where Jason Biggs runs home to crack onto Shannon Elizabeth. You know the one. Incidentally, it’s a cool song.

The Housemartins – Sheep

I love the video for this song. I modelled all my dance moves on the little jig that Paul Heaton does. And that’s why I possess all the ladies.

The Maccabees – Pelican

One of those songs where a) you’re immediately struck by how awesome it is, then b) have to do a double take to see that it’s that same band who were a bit…meh…a few years back.

Underworld – Kittens

A nice little eight-minute ditty – it was either this or King of Snake, both of which help to make up an excellent dance album.

No Doubt – Spiderwebs

That’s right, there are other songs on that Tragic Kingdom album, so stop bogling to ‘Don’t Speak’ on repeat and check out…well, any other song on there really. Apparently this album had seven different singles off it, released over a period of nearly two and a half years. Christ, they must have toured the shit out of that album.

Reuben – Blood, Bunny Larkhall

And to top off my selection, my not-quite favourite song from probably my all-time favourite band. Lovely video. I’m starting the #reunitereuben campaign right here!

So, that’s my lot. If you fancy having a go at your own #13for2013, sling us a link to it using that hashtag on Twitter so that we can all enjoy your music tastes.

4 thoughts on “March #13for2013 playlist – ‘Animals’

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