Who’s next for Kickstarter?

By the time this has gone live, it’s possible that the Veronica Mars Kickstarter I wrote about earlier will hit the $3.5 million mark – having set a much lower goal for the project to go ahead.


Other big names such as Peter Molyneux have already staked their claim to fans’ cash up front, but the Veronica Mars Movie is surely the most high-profile project yet. Names have already been thrown around for who should step into the Kickstarter breach next – from Bryan “Pushing Daisies” Fuller to the hints dropped by Chuck star Zachary Levi, but one name is coming up more than the rest and it won’t be good news.

Probably the first thing Browncoats will have said to themselves as they clicked on to see the cash mounting on Mars was – well, it’ll probably have been a quote from Firefly. Maybe something about a distress call in their pants or something. As much as I’d love, and I mean love to see another visit to the ‘Verse, unfortunately there’s cause for us not to get too excited just yet.

First off, Firefly creator Joss Whedon is tied up in Marvel for a good few years yet. He’s signed on for The Avengers 2 already, as well as the S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show. He’ll need a good season and a half on that before he can step away as he ended up doing for the other programmes he oversaw.

Then there’s the cast’s schedule. It’s not such a big deal here in the UK but Nathan Fillion is an actual household name in the States now thanks to his mystery-solving author crime drama Castle. Morena Baccarin is starring in Homeland which is a regular ratings winner on cable. Alan Tudyk shows up just about everywhere with scene-stealing comedic performances, just as he did on Firefly, and that’s not even half the cast!

At best, we could hope for a Kickstarted Dr. Horrible 2. But even that will be a while off.

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