The Nintendo Wii Mini will be UNLEASHED in shops all over the UK tomorrow.


If I were one of those really nerdy types, y’know; the kind that turns up to the midnight launch of a new console or game dressed as the character I’ll be playing when I get it home, then I would have to get a move on tonight! As I write this, only two and a half hours stand between me and the world’s hottest hardware! This’ll be me at the midnight launch, just you wait:


The Nintendo Wii Mini is out here in the UK and Europe on March 22! That’s right guys! I’m going to a midnight…oh, wait. I’m not. But why not? I hear you cry. Well, first of all, I doubt that there are any exclusive midnight launches happening, because people who wanted a Wii already have one. I’ve had mine for over six years, and the last time I actually used it for non-fitness enjoyment was…wow, I can’t even remember.

Much as I loved the Wii when it first came out – and I was seriously addicted to the Sports games – it got old after a while. Sure, whenever I have friends round we’ll have a few cheeky frames of bowling but aside from that I have a very capable PC, a 360 and even a PS2; all of which I find a more immersive experience, ironically enough.

So why the Wii Mini, a full six years after the proper debut – not to mention a few months behind its own successor?


–          It’s shiny and red

–          It only costs £80

–          Good promotion alongside new budget games line


–          If you didn’t want one originally, you certainly won’t want one now

–          No online gaming

–          No bundled game

–          Only one USB port

–          No Yipper cables

–          No wi-fi

–          No Gamecube support

–          No SD Card slot

–          There’s a newer version of the Wii now available

I don’t get why this has happened really; six years on from selling 100 million Nintendo Wiis worldwide off the back of a hugely successful ad campaign, good-looking if not great performance and the Wiimote’s making more physical gaming a reality, why release this comparably cheap tat? Stripping out all the extras? That’s probably why the price is so low; and after six years of getting production down to a tee, it’ll certainly widen those profit margins.

Let’s hope they’re making some room on those shelves at CEX.

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