New Batman game Arkham: Origins announced

It has to be a record; only two games released in a series before its creators decide to go back to the beginning. I can understand that a game like God of War needs to have prequels so you can see what made that dude so blimmin’ angry all the time, but Batman does this crime-fighting shit on a daily basis! You don’t need yet another exploration of the mythology: Tim Burton did it, Christopher Nolan did it again; even Frank Miller had a go at it in the comics.


(image from

Alas, it’s an origin we’re gonna get – or at the very least, a story about Batman when he’s not quite so sure of himself…you know, like we just had with Lara Croft. Nonetheless, Game Informer magazine broke the news with its May cover announcement – we’ll be seeing the release of Batman: Arkham Origins in October for the current-gen consoles.

Speaking of current-gen, it’s interesting to note that development has been handed off from Rocksteady Studios, makers of the first two outstanding entries in the Arkham series, to Warner Bros. Games Montreal – who it’s confirmed will be using the modified Unreal engine which did wonders for its prequels (sequels?). It’s rumoured that the reason for Rocksteady’s step back from chapter three (one?) of the Arkham games is that they are working on a fourth game for the next generation of consoles: the Xbox 720 and Playstation 4.

So make a note of the date, kids: 25 October. Spanning nicely over one week, it means I can hire a Batman outfit for the midnight opening and keep it for a Halloween party. (Unless I’m still playing the game six days after it comes out, of course. Then I’ll just wear it at home while I play.)

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