Crit Juice podcast

If you’ve ever wondered what a game of Dungeons & Dragons & Drinking (or D&D&D for short) sounds like when played by a comedy group and led by a vastly skilled DM, you should check out Crit Juice podcast.


Crit Juice features a talented cast of LA-based comedians as they hack and slash their way through the seminal role-playing game; with campaigns stretching across several episodes, each of which is about 45 minutes long.

As if this self-described “nerd frat” weren’t already excitable enough about their game of choice, showing some real enthusiasm for the game as well as some team love and appreciation for the fans – who can submit rule suggestions – an added dimension to the atmosphere comes in the form of the drinking games they play with beers donated to the party by local breweries. This is where Crit Juice gets its name; it’s the stuff that not only gets you trashed, but also makes you roll higher.

And then there’s the comedy. From the bizarre Crit Fails to the even more bizarre scenarios cooked up between friends as some good-natured but hard-hitting ribbing, the playing cast of Daniel, Matt B, Cook, Tom, Brian and Gary throw up some really entertaining content.

If you’ve never experienced a game of D&D before, this would be a great place to get started. An audio-only podcast might not seem like the ideal way to experience the game, but truly it’s down to imagination anyway; all we’re really missing is the sight of six players getting progressively drunker as a gruelling campaign wears on.

I’ve also really got to give it up for the Dungeon Master, David Crennen. He weaves such a good story with non-player character interactions like the Princess, as well as his lavish descriptions of our heroes’ surroundings that you feel like you’re right there – if not in the adventure then, at the very least, at that table with the cast as they crack jokes and finish beers in one unlucky turn.

What I love most about this show is that thing I bang on about in every other post; this is a prime example of a bunch of good friends getting together, getting stuck into something they enjoy and being able to shoot the shit about it all the while. It’s a very appealing prospect to any geeks – the enthusiasm of the Crit Juice crew is infectious. If you’re a D&D fan who’s always felt something missing from the experience – same goes if you’re a big drinker – I would highly recommend Crit Juice podcast and the chance to follow some brave and very funny adventurers. Check out the podcast, and submit your own rules for the drinking game too; I’m just trying to think of something suitably punishing.

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