A Tune For Tuesday #2 – Crazy Taxi

There are many different elements to a great game. The graphics, the gameplay, the soundtrack – they must all combine beautifully as one in order to make for a truly great experience.

When later versions of Crazy Taxi were released after its original incarnation on the Sega Dreamcast, the poor saps who bought them were not privy to the game’s original wonderful music; entirely contributed by two of the finest punk rock bands ever: The Offspring and Bad Religion.

It’s tough for me to try to choose between the two for Tuesday’s Tune; while Bad Religion has to be one of the smartest-thinking bands of all time with their socially and politically conscious lyrics – plus the ability to rock out at will – I have to go with The Offspring for my choice.

You remember jumping into that taxi for the first time, right? Which riff instantly starts playing in your head as the car zooms off and the timer starts to count down? That’s right…


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