Iron Man 3 cinema publicity stunt not a popular one

I’ll always resent the daft prices they charge at the cinema; the expensive tickets, the pricy popcorn and the needlessly massive price of the needlessly massive soft drink. But when I go to the cinema, it’s the big white screen and the speakers dotted around the walls I expect to entertain me, not a goofy publicity stunt which could’ve gone horribly wrong in other circumstances.

According to ABC News, the manager of a cinema in Jefferson City, Missouri, hired a team of cosplayers to portray characters from Iron Man 3 during the premiere.

Iron Man3

One of these people HAD to realise it was a crappy idea.

This is actually a great idea; get some local fans in to play their favourite characters on the street outside the cinema, get some foot traffic through for what will already be a popular screening.

Oh, not in the street? Fair enough, maybe in the foyer; it’s a bit unusual considering that everyone who wants to see it will already be there; you won’t get new prospects in if you’re saving them for after you’re through the entrance.

Oh…not in the foyer either? So what’s the plan; you’re gonna wait until everyone’s bought their tickets, drinks and popcorn? Haha, what, you’re gonna wait until the lights have gone down and the titles start to roll?

…What? You are? Why the fuck are you gonna do that? You’ve hired a group of people to walk in and stage a mock gunfight while the film’s on?

Where is the logic? Not to mention, in light of other recent tragic shootings like the one at the cinema before The Dark Knight Rises, does anyone really want, or expect, to see a bunch of people walking in with fake guns? I’d have to say no on that one.

So of course when a lot of frightened people called 911 to alert officers to the scene where “a man dressed in all black and body armor and a rifle was walking into Capital 8 Theaters,” the cinema manager was actually – get this – surprised that it didn’t go down well!

Any regrets? He was asked. “No, my job is to entertain people,” he replied. What a knob. He’d planned this for months, apparently – not realising that his remit to entertain starts and ends with making sure he’s got the right fucking film on the projector.

One other thing: apart from the armour…it’s all a bit rubbish isn’t it? I mean, some of those other costumes…come on. What do you make of this PR stunt?

3 thoughts on “Iron Man 3 cinema publicity stunt not a popular one

  1. I didn’t hear about this publicity stunt at all, but it’s really in poor taste. The fact that the manager didn’t think theater goers weren’t going to freak out when they saw someone dressed in body armor and with a gun, already makes the guy incredibly stupid and insensitive. The manager should have also made it clear that he was going to do this stunt to promote the movie rather than “surprise” people with it.

    • I agree with you simpleek. I mean, this is way too insensitive and almost cruel. If this happened in the theater I was in I would have flipped out, massively flipped out. The manager (or an employee of some sort) should have announced that this was going to happen before it happened, this kind of thing should not be a surprise due to recent theater shootings, as mentioned in the article.

  2. It’s always a shame when people can’t even apologize for something like this after the fact. It was not a smart idea, and considering people were scared enough to call 9-1-1, the manager should at least have the decency to admit that it was a mistake.

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