Geek Pride Day

Happy Geek Pride Day, readers! Today should hold a special place for everyone as we…well, don’t do things very differently to all our other geek-filled days!

According to that Wikipedia page, today’s festivities are threefold:

It is, of course, Towel Day – in honour of the writer of the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy series, Douglas Adams. Where you go today, be sure to take a towel with you, as it is the most versatile thing which an explorer can carry!

Terry Pratchett fans should also celebrate the Glorious 25th of May, as a date which holds much significance in the Discworld novel Night Watch.

And 25th May is the day that the first instalment of Star Wars was released way back in 1977. It’s since gone on to be one of the biggest storied franchises of all time, but take a moment to remember the original film, untouched and unenhanced for greedy financial gains!

It’s been a beautiful day today but unfortunately not enough to stop me from getting in a good few hours on Mass Effect 3!

Let’s take a few moments to celebrate Geek Pride Day with an appearance by everyone’s favourite Sontaran at a Q&A session.


How have you been celebrating Geek Pride Day?

2 thoughts on “Geek Pride Day

  1. Also guilty of forgetting said towel. However, I did proudly wear my newest geeky shirt of Bulbasaur in a faux pocket all day, play MTG, and went to watch Stark Trek: Into Darkness. (So epic!) I say this as if my activities were special to the day. They really weren’t, haha. Same ole’. But I did proudly tell many people that it was Geek Pride Day.

    – Britney

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