Peter Molyneux announces Curiosity winner

You may have read a book I’ve previously featured on this site called Ready Player One. It’s a wonderful work of fiction, a cautionary tale about the future of video gaming, and how the choices that players make within the game can impact on each other in the real world. In the book, the reclusive billionaire who co-founded the game makes it his dying wish to reward one brave adventurer with the keys to his entire fortune and ownership of his revolutionary game, the OASIS.

Before launching his latest mysterious project with his studio 22 Cans, I reckon that Peter Molyneux had just read that book – because he wants to reward one player who has patiently passed his own challenge with a huge and, as he called it, “life-changing” prize.


Six months ago, the 22 Cans team released an app called Curiosity. The goal, as millions of players found out to their schedule-chewing delight, was to chip away at billions of ‘cubelets’ which formed a single cube. These players were interconnected, could check on progress being made at any time; each player determined to be the one who broke away the last cube and found out what was inside.

Three days ago, the cube was finally dissembled – and the final blow went to an 18-year old from Edinburgh, who ‘fessed up to Wired that he’d only been playing the game for an hour in total; he registered earlier that day.

Nonetheless, after fevered conversation with Mr. Molyneux, the winner agreed to ‘share’ the prize announcement, made by Molyneux in a video that was designed to look as if he had himself emerged from the cube.


With 22 Cans’ Godus now looking like a reality thanks to a Kickstarter campaign before Christmas, Molyneux has been able to drop one more bomb on everyone who’d been hacking away in vain; the Curiosity winner will be made into “a digital god”. What this means isn’t immediately clear but judging by the video, our brave Scot will be helping shape the game on a conceptual level – supplying ideas and themes for taking the game forward. He’ll also receiving some of the proceeds from what it sounds like will be a freemium game.

So what can we expect from Godus? As always, Molyneux’ eccentric nature doesn’t bode well for any details right now, but stay tuned for further developments as they are announced by 22 Cans and their new Scottish deity.

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