Matt Smith to leave ‘Doctor Who’

So by the time 2013 is out we’ll have ourselves a new Doctor – the twelfth – as Matt Smith has announced he’ll be regenerating during the Christmas special.


Barely had the first BAFTA-nominated Doctor even finished saying goodbye before speculation turned to who his replacement would be – but we’ve got some pretty bloody good stuff to look forward to this year, as the annual Christmas instalment goes out of its way to do something special, while the dominoes have been ever so carefully laid for the 50th anniversary programme, which will be shown in November.

With Clara, the impossible girl, having made her way inside the Doctor’s timestream – an energy source which binds realities and timelines together through all of the Doctor’s different incarnations – he was forced to go inside to save her, and came across a mysterious being who has done an entirely morally reprehensible act which went against “the name of the Doctor” – but we must wait until the special to find out what this is…it’s a hell of a cliff-hanger which would make anyone wish away the summer if they weren’t ones for sunshine, and the theories have been flying thick and fast on the internet.

Some reckon that John Hurt’s Doctor falls somewhere in the past which we never got to see – perhaps as Doctor Zero, predating William Hartnell. Others say he’s a sort of Doctor 8.5 falling between Paul McGann and Christopher Eccleston, given his dress sense is a mix of both. In an older episode called “The Trial of a Time Lord” which went out in 1986, a character called The Valeyard was conceived as a part of the Doctor which put him on trial for his supposed crimes against the galaxy. Could John Hurt be a re-imagination of this character? Being credited as The Doctor, could he be simply that, and Matt Smith’s replacement has already been announced right under our noses?

Whatever your theories are, they’ll surely have some tie into how Smith departs the series – and with actors including Ben Whishaw and Chiwetel Ejiofor currently topping the bookies’ charts, the world’s longest-running sci-fi TV series is sure to keep us all guessing on two different fronts over this summer.

Who would you like to see as our next Doctor?

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