Actor Who? The latest odds on the new Doctor

It’s strange, but since Matt Smith announced he was stepping down as The Doctor all of four days ago, computers across the world have melted with the frenzied gossip as to who will be taking up the iconic role.


Only problem is, there’s a fair few of these guys I’ve never heard of. So without further ado, let’s discover together who some of the frontrunners are according to (odds are correct as of 5th June, 10pm-ish BST)

Ben Daniels (2-1)

Now I must just be reading the wrong news sites here because it prefaces most mentions of Ben Daniels with the words “Cutting It star Ben Daniels”. Now if you’re not familiar with that programme, may I quickly fill you in: Amanda Fucking Holden was in it. And that’s all you need to know how about good that programme was. So what else has he done that’s got him heading in a bit more of a cult TV direction?

Ah, says here he was in the new version of House of Cards with Spacey. That’s more like it. Two years on Law & Order: UK? Fair enough. Still not quite seeing his credentials shining through, but somebody must like the look of him because he’s top of the odds list.

Damien Molony (11-1)

Oh, he was in Being Human? I didn’t like that but I can see the connection, didn’t the creator of that programme write some episodes of Doctor Who? Certainly the one where Matt Smith was dressed as a clown; probably my most enduring image of Matt Smith’s reign, but okay, so this Molony bloke was an original cast member on…oh, not an original cast member. Oh well, two series of that and…erm, that’s pretty much it. What is this obsession with stage actors that the BBC has at the moment? Do they get paid less than TV actors or something? Whatever the appeal is, it’s serving him well at the rumour mill.

Chris Addison (4-1)

Oh come on now, you’re taking the piss. I’m actually quite a fan of Chris Addison; from playing Ollie Reeder in The Thick of It, his was one of my standout performances from a cast which was, to a man, massively talented – not to mention all the panel quiz shows he appears on. But Chris Addison is a comedian who acts, not an actor, there’s a subtle difference – think Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David; hardly a tour de force of acting are they? The next Doctor’s got a hell of an act to follow, remember – he needs to be a serious name in acting, not in performance.

Who would you like to see play the iconic role next?

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