And in E3 news…

…Microsoft got roundhouse-kicked in the face today by a rebounding Sony, whose new console the PS4 will work out at not only £80 cheaper than the Xbox One here in the UK – £349 against XBox One’s £429 – but a damn sight more affordable in the long-term too thanks to their choice to retain the used game market which Microsoft is pretty much ejecting with some dodgy excuses about publishers and DRM.


The fact that, according to Sony brass today, the PS4 won’t require an always-online connection has done them a massive favour too; one which Microsoft are a little naive to expect all their customers to be capable of.

Microsoft didn’t LITERALLY get kicked in the face today, but Sony did land a huge burn with this video:

Which rather makes Microsoft out to be the bad guys, don’t you agree?

Social media has been quite the storm as well; with one declaration that as of today, the Xbox One has been, if you’ll excuse my language, “falcon-punched in the dick” by the resurgent Sony, while ‘dead in the water’ was also a common theme. While it remains to be seen just how this story will unfold, today definitely marked first blood to Sony.

Oh, and Nintendo turned up too, with something about a new Smash Bros. game. We’re not bothered about that though, are we?

So now we know a little more about each console, which console will you be buying (if any)?

3 thoughts on “And in E3 news…

  1. None, not yet anyway. Both are still too pricey. I love my Xbox but the used game thing annoys me, hate paying full price for a game. I’m not to enthusiastic about the rumours about the always on Kinnect camera either. Any word if there will be party chat on the PS4?

  2. Neither so far.

    If Xbox don’t go back on what they’ve said so far, no matter some awesome titles, I won’t be getting one.

    And unless Sony say more than were not changing anything – which is a great counter to Xbox, but gives me no incentive to buy, then I won’t be getting that either.

    If Wii U get some more big titles under the belt, and a new Super Smash Bros then that will be enough to make me switch to one!

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