Actor Who? Part 2 – the latest odds on the new Doctor

Let’s examine some more odds on who will star in Doctor Who next, eh? I’m bored and there’s some bloody weird rumours going around.

I’ll not mention the actual odds this time because they’re from Betfair and are all expressed in weird fractions.


Rory Kinnear

Betting has apparently been suspended elsewhere because there are rumours that this actor has already been offered the role. He’s another one of these acTORS (capitals used to indicate emphasis on that syllable) who specialises in stage work, but he has also appeared in Skyfall and, yet a-bloody-gain, an episode of Black Mirror. (I’m starting to think that none of these rumours have been true – just whoever worked on that Channel 4 programme has a good PR team). Kinnear played the Prime Minister in the very first episode which, ahem, climaxed with Kinnear doing his bit for Queen and country by having sex with a pig. Not my first choice.

Andrew Scott

Probably best known for his appearances in Sherlock as the eponymous hero’s sworn nemesis, Jim Moriarty; for me he’s got more of a Master look about him than the Doctor. However, his obvious close work in the past with Steven Moffatt on that programme could give him an edge. It’s well known by now that Matt Smith originally auditioned to play Holmes in Sherlock but was judged more suitable to take up the mantle of TARDIS driver instead, so the jump between the two is just as well-tread.

(still) Chris Addison

…although the new series of panel show Mock The Week kicks off tomorrow on BBC2 and they’ve released a cheeky screen-cap of Addison dressed as Tom Baker’s Doctor. He’s hardly likely to play that for laughs, then drop the scarf and announce he’s actually in, is he?

Russell Tovey

Another link back to Being Human, whose creator Toby Whithouse brought back Sarah Jane Smith to the Whoniverse (is that a thing or shall I make a copyright claim now?) Tovey played George the werewolf for a good deal of the show’s run. Unfortunately, he’s also previously appeared in the Titanic Christmas episode of Doctor Who already, and was implied to be a love interest of Captain Jack in David Tennant’s final episode, so eagle-eyed viewers won’t have put any money down on him.

Daniel Radcliffe

Oh, do get bent, you weirdo bookmakers.

Filming of the Christmas special is starting soon, so we should receive news of Matt Smith’s replacement any day now. Who would you like to take on the role next?



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