E3 Microsoft XBox One Exclusives

Now that the E3 dust has settled, what will we actually play? (Warning: the following article displays ridiculous amounts of anti-Microsoft bias.)



I think it’s clear at this point that if video game fans and writers were in the business of picking winners and losers after these hyped events, that Sony took the honours simply by turning up and not locking down consumers’ rights like Microsoft did.

It should be said that, apart from those DRM issues and console-exclusive games, there isn’t really much else to pick the two consoles apart; they’re equally impressive looking and, although the Xbox One wants £80 more off you just to take the piss, even Sony is a pretty pricey option. Just because the Xbox One is the Worst Thing Ever doesn’t make the PS4 the Best.

So with the majority of the sniping and bitching over, what games can we actually look forward to playing on the Xbox One – if we actually buy one?

(Note: I’m not necessarily showing off gameplay here – let’s just assume that all of them look fantastic; I just want to see how much bullshit hype each company tried to whip up with their silly trailers.)

Dead Rising 3

Having only played the first one (and found it clunky, awkward and really really difficult), I can’t gauge the level of excitement for this game – have Microsoft pulled a real coup by launching this…or are they just trying to keep up on a zombie genre which is surely done by now?

Halo 5

For a few seconds there I wasn’t sure the man would be Master Chief because I thought to myself “he wears a helmet…why does he need a cloak up to protect his face from a dust storm?” If it’s only to prolong the reveal of his face for the nerds to start cheering, then I think I might just give up now cos that’s the dumbest thing ever.

Killer Instinct

So it looks like I was right about that Rare announcement; but now that I’ve seen the gameplay and graphics, god I wish it had been Perfect Dark. I may not have played a straight beat-em-up game since Tekken 4 but at least there was some semblance of a combo in that game; I reckon I could get a decent score by face-rolling my controller on this game. Hey, but at least it’s free…well, some of it anyway.

These are probably three of the titles which will most tempt the gamer to go with Microsoft this time around, while the likes of Fantasia: Music Evolved and Zumba Party Fitness will, erm…I’ll just stop there shall I?

I also fell for the hype when I first saw some images of Titan Fall, but a closer look revealed that it’s just Call of Duty with big robots, and so can get bent.

We’ll be looking at some of the PS4 exclusives in a later edition, but until then – what Xbox One exclusives will you be picking up?

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