E3 Sony Playstation 4 Exclusives

Following the announcement of the new XBox One in May, viewers were disheartened by the company’s somewhat skewed take on digital rights management. At  this year’s E3, once people had stopped bottling the stage for long enough, Microsoft was able to talk about some pretty cool-looking exclusive games. However, Sony weren’t really left with a tough act to follow. Simply by showing off some equally cool-looking games – and not being dicks about how you could play them – they scored a major blow in the first skirmish of the new console wars.

So what has Sony got lined up for prospective PS4 purchasers that they can’t get elsewhere?

Final Fantasy XV

Now I’ll happily level with you here – I’ve never played an FF game before. Don’t hit me; just know that I’m not particularly into JRPGs and the ones which have come before were always so long to play that I would’ve easily lost my patience if I’d tried to play one.

But this one looks pretty bloody good – and here’s a tip: combining gameplay with non-gameplay? Other games should’ve tried that. We’re not fooled anymore; we can see the difference between what parts we will and won’t be playing. When it comes time to make my choice, this game could be the deciding factor, such is my blown-awayness about it. (Yes, blown-awayness. It’s a word.)

The Order: 1886

More like “The Pre-Order: 1886”, ifyaknowwhatImean?

Again, there isn’t much to go on here but the makers’ claim that the whole trailer was made in-engine isn’t normally something you’d see upfront – meaning the studio must be feeling pretty darn good about what it can do with this game. I love the look of the weapons and outfits too; sort of steampunk but with a little more of The Crusades about them.

InFAMOUS Second Son

This one’s had quite a lot of coverage too, mainly because of the new main character; a young rebellious teen in the Seattle area, which can only mean sticking a Nirvana cover on the trailer – nuff said right? Well, no; and hopefully the rest of the story won’t be that lazy, but judging by the previous games’ reception we should be safe there.

So with these and other games like Killzone: Shadow Fall and family-friendly Knack ready to hit the PS4, has Sony done enough to make you shut up and give them your money?

4 thoughts on “E3 Sony Playstation 4 Exclusives

  1. Reblogged this on Healthy Grimace and commented:
    I have been waiting for this game for so long, if it does not deliver I will literally mail this game back to Square-Enix and force them to give me a refund. Final Fantasy Versus…from the depths of development hell.

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