E3: The non-exclusive games

What’s got us drooling at E3 2013?

Following on from this week’s previous posts about what the next-gen console makers might have in their back pockets, in case you can’t decide which one you’d rather shell out hundreds of pounds on, here’s a look at the top games which will be offered by both the PS4 and XBox One.

To limit bias in this article, here's a picture of a Wii Mini.

To limit bias in this article, here’s a picture of a Wii Mini.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Well, there isn’t even all that much to it – but once you see the dude from Square Enix introduce a trailer that’s immediately followed by a Disney logo – well, cue fanboy squeals.

It does look pretty impressive – although “in development” is by now well-known industry slang for “Pfft. Dunno.”

Wolfenstein – The New Order

Now this…this is the one I’ve been looking out for. For some reason, that image of the Nazi astronaut saluting the flag, made me go like “ooh! Those buggers!” Like some kind of indignant outraged feeling that you only get within fictional scenarios.

Although nothing more than the result of a telling off by Bethesda for pissing about too much between games, this new take on the Wolfenstein story looks pretty bloody good to me.

Metal Gear Solid V

Anyone for a game of Red Dead Redempt-SNAAAAAAKE? Big Boss returns – and this time, he’s voiced by…well, the bloke who played Jack Bauer on TV; let’s not pretend for one second that he’s real. But this got a lot of love from the community too; we’ll have to see what happens with this one.

With each of these games receiving release on both the PS4 and the XBox One, we won’t be forced to choose one over the other. With the past three days’ worth of blog posts on the subject of upcoming E3 games, hopefully we’ve helped make up your mind.

So – which is it gonna be? PS4 or XBox One?

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