Firefly Online Social MMORPG announced at San Diego

Just like you couldn’t take the sky from the intrepid crew of the good ship Serenity, it appears that you also can’t take a piece of the gaming pie from FOX.


At San Diego Comic Con this week, the studio which brought you Joss Whedon’s immortal Firefly series and film Serenity has announced its Digital Entertainment division’s team-up with Spark Plug Games (creators of Plight of the Zombie and Witch’s Workshop…yeah, I don’t know either) to release the official Firefly Online social game on Android and iOS next summer.

According to the official website,, players assume the role of a ship’s captain as they make their way through the ‘Verse, doing jobs to stay afloat and seek out adventures. You can customize your very own ship and pick a crew, while ostensibly remaining hooked on the game’s promised “unique social features connecting Firefly fans”.

It seems that players will be competing with each other for the best jobs, crew members and rewards; it’s a rather lofty goal for a social game, you’d think.

But judging by the absolute runaway success that is The Simpsons Tapped Out, FOX is keen to expand its social game offering – and while the studio does own its fair share of geek culture properties, they couldn’t see past an idea which not only appeals to diehard fans of a beloved TV series and film, but to the casual gamers who will no doubt also flood that particular section of the geeky Venn diagram. The fact that it’s originally intended for your phone or tablet doesn’t exactly fill me with hope that we’ll see anything too ground-breaking though.

The teaser trailer is below:

Firefly Online will be released in Summer 2014. Are you already committed to giving up your own social life in order to get involved with this one, or will you need more convincing?

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