Mass Effect: Foundation comic book released next week

Thanks to Dark Horse Comics and the writer of two of its trilogy of console games, next week sees the launch of a new comic book series set in the Mass Effect universe.


The trilogy concluded – most unsatisfyingly for some – in the third game, released in March last year. One year later, the announcement was made that, following a successful series of mini-comics, the new tales of the ME universe would be told in a 12-part monthly series, written by Mac Walters – story lead on the third game and writer of the second. Issue one is released on July 24.

I could go on for a full week’s worth of blog posts about my feelings toward the trilogy, but there’s nothing which hasn’t already been said. From the solid shooter gameplay to the horrible Mako missions, right through the brilliant voice work, my strong love of Mass Effect lies solely within its story and characters; their subtleties and actions, and how the story of a handful of characters has the power to change the whole fictional universe.

So when I heard about the new series being put out by Dark Horse Comics announced in March, I did a little squee to realise that we’ll be getting a year’s worth of new Mass Effect action.

Mass Effect: Foundation follows the story of a mysterious female agent who has spent time on a “violent mining colony on Themis”. Rather than inventing brand new material for the universe, the comic’s title Foundation implies that we’ll be hearing of tales gone before, mentioned in passing elsewhere, a view confirmed by Mac Walters.

Although obviously somewhat lacking in Shepherditude (yeah, it’s a word…as of right now anyway) for fear of abandoning the players who so strongly placed their own impressions on the character, the scope to tell the stories of other key characters (such as Joker, who had his own comic released for this year’s FCBD) is, according to Walters, the chance to see these characters in their own right, rather than through the eyes of Commander Shepherd.

For what it’s worth, the artwork looks fantastic – combining the bleakness of the galaxy’s threatened future with some stunning sequences including what appears to be a knife fight between the mysterious female lead and an ex-colleague.

So on the eve of the release of the first in a 12-part series of Foundation, will you be picking up the latest addition to Mass Effect canon?

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