SDCC Saturday in brief

Saturday in San Diego – the highlights

Here are a few tasty snippets which emerged from Saturday’s San Diego madness; including the next celluloid step from DC Comics and a relaunch of a vintage British comic character.

A Batman/Superman film in 2015

Surely that’s rushing things slightly? The dust has barely settled on Christopher Nolan’s Bat-trilogy – which will be impossible to top so quickly – while not everyone has been overly convinced by Supes’ newest offering Man of Steel. What scares me the most was the reference to The Dark Knight Returns – while a big-screen scrap between Clark’s and Bruce’s alter egos would be fun, I’m not sure how much of it I want to be borrowed from Frank Miller’s work, or even how well they could pull it off. Getting Bane into the third Batman film wasn’t too tricky but this would be by far a harder thing to achieve.

A New Rogue Trooper comic for IDW

Following the new-found Stateside success of 2000AD Comics’ mainstay Judge Dredd, its publishers Rebellion have announced another new team-up between the two companies which will be published by IDW beginning next year. While I have no doubt that Rogue Trooper will do very well – it was always one of my own favourites – I’m just not sure that Rogue is top of the list of Non-Dredd 2000AD Comics To Publish. Even with the resurrection of previously killed-off Strontium Dog star Johnny Alpha, fans are still clamouring to read more tales of the mutie bounty hunter blessed and cursed with strange powers and his attempts to bring wrong-doers to justice.

Marvel SDCC Panel

And finally, Marvel unveiled the latest developments from Phase Two of the Cinematic Universe – including the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy! This one’s a rather odd assortment – with actors including Zoe Saldana, Karen Gillan, Benicio Del Toro and Dave Bautista playing various roles, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more diverse cast in a big-name comic book film any time soon. I’m just hoping to see a Batista-bomb somewhere in the film and then I’ll be happy.

What has captured your attention so far at San Diego Comic-Con 2013?

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