SDCC Sunday in Brief

Did San Diego Comic Con save the best for last?

On Sunday at San Diego Comic Con, loads of Americans were rude to a bloke in a Bart Simpson mask who just wanted to make friends while walking the floor at the con pointing out cool Doctor Who stuff. Read on to find out why.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Panel

Given that nobody was even aware that on the same day they dismissed the mystery man, that they would pile into the biggest Hall just to hear him talk about his reign as the eleventh Doctor, well, it still beggared belief that people could be so rude! The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Panel, comprising Matt Smith, Jenna-Louise Coleman and producers Steven Moffatt, Marcus Wilson and Mark Gatiss alongside actor David Bradley – who’ll portray William Hartnell in a dramatic retelling of the origins of sci-fi phenomenon Doctor Who – took to the stage on Sunday at SDCC to answer fans’ questions and drop a few hints about what’s in store for that TV special; Smith’s last hurrah as the Doctor.

Breaking Bad

Also on Sunday, the countdown began to new episodes of the fifth and final season of AMC drama Breaking Bad. Cast members including Bryan Cranston (who had also admitted to walking the floors with a rubber mask on…only this one was of Heisenberg!), Aaron Paul and Anna Gunn among others, as well as producer Vince Gilligan – all of whom also had a goodbye of their own to wish fans, like Matt Smith also did in a manner of speaking. Lips were sealed and no spoilers given, although fans were treated to a quick video with some of what will happen during the next eight episodes!

DC Comics Panel

And just in case you’d forgotten that San Diego Comic Con also deals with comics, the key creative figures behind the DC Comics New 52 made an appearance to discuss the third year of the initiative. The strangest launch for me has to be the Superman/Wonder Woman title launching in October, in which our co-leads try to juggle their roles and responsibilities as Earth’s protectors with…well, dating apparently. Editor Eddie Berganza had this to say:

“Superman and Wonder Woman try to have dates, but things that are dangerous and kill always get in the way.”

He does go on to insist that it will remain mainly an action title though…but…er…no, I have nothing.


So as SDCC13 draws to a close, let me know on Twitter: What was your favourite moment from the convention?

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