Cryptozoic Man Comic Announced

Comic Book Men cast members Bryan Johnson and Walt Flanagan to collaborate on a new horror comic series.

Dynamite Entertainment has announced a spooky new horror comic to be released in October.

Cryptozoic Man (named after cryptozoology, the study of creatures whose existence has not been scientifically proven) tells the story of one man’s sacrifices to save his daughter after she is kidnapped while the two are out searching for Bigfoot. The man is himself captured by Grey Aliens and, in order to save his daughter, tasked with tracking down the rest of the ‘cryptids’ known to man. It mixes elements of classic horror and the paranormal with science fiction concepts to create what is, according to its writer Bryan Johnson, “a delicious monstery stew”.


How the comic came to be is quite another story; Bryan Johnson of course is part of Kevin Smith’s View Askew and Smodcast empire, known these days for being on AMC series Comic Book Men and for co-creating the Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave podcast with CBM co-star Walt Flanagan and Bryan ‘Q’ Quinn of a different TV programme, Impractical Jokers. In a Comic Book Men episode of season two – set in Smith’s Secret Stash comic shop and also starring Ming Chen and Mike Zapcic – the cast are put to work by Walt to create their very own comic book. After coming up with a few of the more outlandish main characters between them, the guys go along to successfully pitch their chilling tale to well-known comics studio Dynamite Entertainment.

(Sheerly by coincidence I’m sure, Smith bills the studio on the programme as “[publishers of] the Green Hornet, Bionic Man…” – both properties which he wrote issues of and for.)

Before anyone gets on their high horse and lays into the guys that they wouldn’t even have the Dynamite gig if it wasn’t for Smith’s clout in the comics industry and having their names on a national TV show, two points:

1)      These guys are usually the first ones to admit that they get by with podcasting, TV and writing gigs precisely because of Kevin’s clout.

2)      Cryptozoic Man will be the third comic series made by Johnson and Flanagan – Karny and War of the Undead have previously been published by IDW; both well before their AMC TV show came along and to great reviews.

Written by Bryan Johnson and very capably drawn by Walt Flanagan if these preview pages are anything to go by, the first in a four-part series of Cryptozoic Man will be released in October. Will you be picking up a copy?

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