Kickstarter Updates: ComiXWriter and The Doom…

While one of this week’s closely-observed Kickstarter projects has reached its goal to the delight of aspiring comic creators, another one has gone rather awry…



According to its Kickstarter page, ComiXwriter is “The World’s First Software dedicated to writing scripts for Comic Books and Graphic Novels” – and thanks to its 618 backers, the project to deliver this software has quite handily reached its $35,000 goal with a stretch goal thrown in.

Project heads Glenn Farrington and Steven Sashen have come up with a list of unique features which will have plagued anyone who’s stuck Alt+Tabbing between browser windows to ensure that their scripts and preliminary artwork go hand-in-hand. By enabling side-by-side viewing and editing of artwork placement and script cues, this software will make the seemingly painful process of creating comics run a lot more seamlessly.

Farrington is also using the product to push his own comic, Lives, which came about during creation of the program. It’s a very clever way to cross-promote given the amount of people it will reach.

The full program will retail for $99; bonus rewards have featured a special font library, the chance to have your work seen by established industry professionals, and a ComiXwriter t-shirt. Nice.

The Doom That Came to Atlantic City


As Jonathan H. Liu put it in his post on Geekdad, “the nature of Kickstarter – it’s for people who have a cool idea but don’t already have a method of producing it.” That’s what should have occurred to budding entrepreneur Erik Chevalier as he readied the launch of a board game called The Doom That Came To Atlantic City.

Designers Lee Moyer and Keith Baker had the game ready to go as far back as 2011 – previews of an early version of the game looked positive, until Baker confirmed on his blog last week that the game had dropped out of pre-production two years ago. Chevalier and his Forking Path company picked up the ball and looked set to go to press with the help of a $35,000 goal that was met – and almost quadrupled – last May by Kickstarters.

Only last week did Chevalier write on the game’s official Kickstarter page that “The project is over, the game is cancelled.” News indeed to the more than 1200 backers of the game, some of whom chose to air their gripes that Chevalier allegedly used the funds to move cities and start up the Forking Path company with the dough – which was not exactly set down as one of the Stretch Goals, if you see what I’m saying.

Baker and Moyer intend to have a print-and-play version of the game ready in the near future, while Chevalier has made a pledge of his own…to reimburse angry backers.

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