Asda removes Nintendo Wii U from supermarket shelves

UK supermarket giant Asda has announced that it will no longer stock the Nintendo Wii U on its shelves, according to CVG.


More than 500 branches of the UK’s second-largest big shop will remove the product from public display, although the product will still be available to order online and either collect from customers’ local branch or have it delivered.

“Asda continues to offer customers a selection of Wii U games and accessories through Asda Direct, but these ranges are currently not on offer in Asda shops,” said a statement.

A series of price cuts instore which have seen Nintendo’s latest console selling for as little as £150 have not done enough to justify its place in the ever more competitive entertainment section. So clearly it’s not shifting, and that may be down to the lack of a decent library right now. But with the recent release of Pikmin 3 already doing well in the software charts (Asda didn’t stock this either apparently, and will judge on a case-by-case basis whether to stock a game through Asda Direct) the next gen of Nintendo might yet start to turn a few heads.

Consumers are quite likely saving their pennies for either the XBox One or the PS4 (or both if they’re rich and not fans of daylight).

So what’s happened to cause this tricky case of second album syndrome for Nintendo? Well, the rather fiddly tablet controller is probably much harder for casual gamers to wrap their heads around; not like its predecessor which allowed just about anyone to play the virtual equivalent of real-life sports and games just by motioning their bodies to do so. Either that, or the weak launch line-up of games didn’t tempt many people. Has the Wii U done a Dreamcast? It’s far too early to say, but as long as Nintendo don’t give up on their console too early like Sega did, and keep on releasing some appealing games without the help of big third-party developers like EA, then they should hit their mark.

One thought on “Asda removes Nintendo Wii U from supermarket shelves

  1. I can’t say I ever planned on buying one really…

    I’m in the category of people currently weighing up whether to get a PS4 or an Xbone (but I’m more bothered about GTA V when that’s released!)

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