100th Post of Geekdom!

In the words of Bloc Party, so here we are. One hundred posts of what you readers have hopefully found to be informative, insightful, entertaining and above all, a bunch of fun later, and we’re at a landmark.
When I started this blog a few months back with a decidedly less SEO-friendly name of Vinnatron, I just wanted to have some fun, talk with some new people, and get a bit more involved in the cool stuff that I see and hear every day coming out of geek culture. Kickstarters, gadgets, even just the odd documentary I happened to catch. If there’s one thing it’s taught me on a personal level, it’s that I actually do need to put myself out there a bit more. I’m not exactly a shy guy but nor do I go into things all guns blazing. I should start doing that more often.
Thanks, geeks. Theeks. Here’s what you had to say.
Your Favourite Things About Being A Geek

As part of the 100th post for my blog, A Guide To Geekdom, #AG2G100 we wanted to know what our readers like above all other things about being a geek. Here are a few of our favourite replies:

  1. GEEKS! I want YOU to get involved in the #AG2G100 Guide To Geekdom 100th Post Bonanza! Here’s how – aguidetogeekdom.wordpress.com/2013/08/05/99-…
  2. @AGuideToGeekdom Best thing about being a geek is the friends I have made, having fun chatting about comics and films, awesome! #AG2G100 
  3. So far, so good. A strong sense of community and the chance to meet others. Absolutely agreed; what could be better than meeting someone new, finding out what they’re into, and sharing the geek love? If you’ll forgive the completely lame metaphor, we combine our geek powers and become…Captain Planet. Yep. I went there. With a reference.
  4. @AGuideToGeekdom to us. Every week is geek week.
  5. A scathing commentary there on what I’d previously put out about Youtube’s efforts to muscle in on our turf.
  6. @AGuideToGeekdom Being a geek is being able to get unbelievably excited over the smallest things without judgement #AG2G100
  7. And again, wearing geekdom like a badge of honour, as we are all wont to do.

    But then, this happened:
  8. It’s almost time for the #Toontunes live final. Don’t let me down #TeamXmen!
  9. We’re going live!! Join us for the epic #toontunes finale!! X-Men vs Ducktales!! twitter.com/geekocracy/stat…
  10. COME ON #TEAMXMEN! Vote now using the hashtag #toontunes!
  11. Is your life like a hurricane? Vote for DuckTales! Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes stuff you’re into? DUCKTALES. DUCKTALES. #Toontunes
  12. Rather a competitive Google Hangout between the Geekocracy.net gang which threatened to get ugly on more than one occasion! A bunch of people getting involved on Twitter disputing which cartoon theme tune was better, picking them apart and focusing all their geeky energies on having theirs win!
  13. @Geekocracy so torn. both are so good, but the edge goes to Duck Tales cause it just gets stuck in my head, so thanks for that. #Toontunes
  14. I have to admit, perhaps I indulged in a spot of double-voting for X-Men, but in the end the better team won. Didn’t stop me from crying into my energy drink when all was said and done though.
  15. *high five* to everyone who voted for Ducktales!!! We won @Geekocracy‘s #toontunes!!!!!
  16. @Vincent_SKP X Men was robbed. Robbed!
  17. A finer example of the geek community coming together I could not have hoped for, as I spent my week searching for some big geeky inspiration to go with this, our 100th post on A Guide To Geekdom. Big thanks to everyone who contributed, and here’s to the next 100!

4 thoughts on “100th Post of Geekdom!

  1. Congratulations on your 100th post for A Guide to Geekdom! What a great example of geek community, so glad everyone joined in, and sent in lots of comments. Great fun! Have a nice weekend & here’s to the next 100 posts on A Guide to Geekdom.

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