A Tune For Tuesday: Vigil

I got on the Mass Effect train very late on, and as such am only now completing the trilogy (for the second time) with a playthrough of the third game. When my Shepard stands in the War Room, above the mechanical hum of starship engines and other general techy stuff, you can just barely pick this out:

This gorgeous piece of music. An article on Kotaku explains it so much better than I could, but for me this is just another beautiful piece of the puzzle that is Mass Effect. I mean, sure, it’s a fairly mindless shooter during the gameplay – not a genre I’m very keen on in the age of Bros of Duty – but the story surrounding it is just some of the most brilliant stuff ever committed to disc. It’s so sweeping and epic that only beautiful music like this could have come from it.

What’s your favourite track from the Mass Effect trilogy?

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