Ben Affleck is Batman

Affleck will play Bruce Wayne/Batman in DC’s next thrilling instalment.

In case anyone’s interested in the primary reason why I wouldn’t make a good news journalist, it’s because I’d be too sorely tempted to interject my personal opinions into the story, making it not only biased but kind of polarising too.

Like this story on the BBC for example, which reveals that Oscar-winning director, screenwriter and actor – not to mention, ‘the bomb in Phantoms Ben Affleck is to play Batman in the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel, a step which should then lead to a full-blown Justice League film sometime in the next few years.

Ben Affleck is Batman

To catch readers up on Affleck’s past experience in donning the tights, it states:

The superhero genre is not new to Mr Affleck, who previously starred as the blind hero in the 2003 Daredevil film based on the Marvel Comics.

(Incidentally, the end of that sentence isn’t strictly grammatically correct, but that’s a whole other long and drawn-out grudge I’ve held against the slipping standards of the BBC news website for years.)

What I personally would’ve added at the end of that paragraph, les mots justes, would be “…which was shit.”

So there you go. Oh yeah, sorry, got a little ahead of myself there; there’s something else we should be discussing, like – holy shit, Ben Affleck is playing Batman? Why?

Clearly his directing career is burgeoning with a couple of critically-acclaimed films over the past few years, which nobody thought would happen after the likes of Gigli, Jersey Girl and yes, Daredevil saw his reputation take a battering all within five years of each other. Now that he’s added a couple of hits to his CV – not to mention a Best Picture Oscar for Argo – why does he feel that now is the time to take on something so radically risky and different; specifically this role, which has only recently re-acquired any credibility whatsoever?

I’ve never been a big fan of Superman and as such haven’t seen the newest effort to revitalize one of DC’s Big Three. From what I read it seems to have gone down very well at the box office – but they all do nowadays anyway. From a more critical point of view, I seemed to hear a lot more bad about it than good.

If what I’m led to believe is true, Affleck’s debut comes in an as-yet-untitled sequel to Man of Steel, which technically makes it a Superman film, and would put Batman below him in the pecking order. This I absolutely don’t understand. And doesn’t it all feel like a bit of a rush just to build to that Justice League film? Then again, there’s billions of dollars out there to get, and with Marvel currently putting on a cinematic clinic, there’s some catching up to be done if DC/Warner wants to get its piece of the pie.

Do you think Ben Affleck will make a good Batman? If not, who would you rather have seen?

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