Nintendo 2DS announced

The Nintendo 2DS is a surprisingly shrewd move for bringing in the budget crowd.

Bad for the wallet but good for the eyes, with the 2DS Nintendo has announced a literal step backwards in handheld gaming.

Nintendo 2DS

The Japanese game manufacturers announced yesterday that their follow-up to the 3DS will be…the 2DS. Shaped sort of like a Wii U remote, it’s a tablet-like handheld which is designed just like other recent DS models except that it doesn’t actually fold in half. It will play 3DS games, only not in 3D – not only an alarmingly brilliant move to try and bring back gamers driven away by the gimmick, but also a nice budget solution to playing the 3DS library which otherwise wouldn’t be accessible.

This move has been made ostensibly so that gamers who can’t afford the 3DS but want to play its wide range of exclusive games will be able to catch up on what they’ve missed, and has come along with the sense of timing which Nintendo has become famous for; it launches in the UK on the exact same day as the new Pokemon titles, X and Y, on the 12th October.

Digital Spy reckons that where the 2DS will make up in not destroying the eyes of younger players with its wicked 3D ways, a 2DS battery won’t actually last as long as…well, its predecessor I suppose, if you wanna call it that.

As usual, Nintendo lives up to its legendary reputation for doing the best it can with what it has, and with a new 2DS priced considerably cheaper than the 3DS, plus all the usual backwards-compatibility goodness we’ve come to expect from the brand, it could be that the Nintendo 2DS carves out a nice name for itself during the autumn and winter.

2 thoughts on “Nintendo 2DS announced

  1. Couldn’t make it up could ya? Also a good move for people (like me) who can’t see in 3D but want a new handheld gaming experience.

    I could just turn the 3D down but that’s like paying for sky 3D and not using it…

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