James Pond Kickstarter announced

With the likes of David Braben and the Oliver Twins trying to bring back their vintage games to a new generation of players through Kickstarter, one more name has joined the queue to see where it stands – and if you’ll please forgive the pun and not write me any hate mail, it’s a bit of a fish out of water.

James Pond Kickstarter

The James Pond series first hit back in 1990, producing a trilogy of hit games which regularly placed in journalists’ top lists of the year. It also spawned what was my enduring memory of the character, the Aquatic Games spin-off from 1992 which clearly was not designed to tie in with the Barcelona games of that same year. It was just a bit like Track And Field really, with various events which required furious button-bashing and brought about the odd fish-based pun. Good times.

This suave super spy who just happens to live under the sea got ported to a hell of a lot of consoles and even now lives as an iOS game; albeit one with a horrible Harry Potter pun given 1/10 by Destructoid and called “despicable”.

But now a Facebook page has appeared in the past week to announce that a new James Pond project is going live on Kickstarter: among its posts is a new video from the game’s original designer Chris Sorrell speaking of his hopes of a new game featuring everything we loved about the old ones…except of course the product placement for biscuits.

The Kickstarter will go live this Friday. Will you be chipping in with a few quid to help this platformer legend get a new lease of life – or is it better left in the Retro category?

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