A Serenity Comic Sequel!

The hugely-missed Firefly universe will continue on thanks to Dark Horse Comics.

Serenity Comic Sequel

No matter how much you may have enjoyed the previous Serenity comics which explored the origins of various characters as well as bridging the gap between the short-lived TV series Firefly and the Serenity movie, there’s a definite cry from fans who want to know what happened following the events of the film once voted by SFX readers as the best sci-fi film of all time – yes, it charted above Star Wars.

However, as posted by Comic Book Resources, Dark Horse Comics will take on the role of laying out these events in comic book form, much as they did with the very successful comics takes on Buffy and Angel, two more of Joss Whedon’s televisual treats. The series will also feature the very talented artist Georges Jeanty, who previously worked on the further adventures of the afore-mentioned Vampire Slayer.

So where does this new series pick up? Well, having revealed Alliance agencies as the creators of the Reavers, rabid scourge of the universe, the good ship Serenity flies on with wanted fugitive River Tam in the co-pilot’s seat and a heavily pregnant Zoe still struggling to come to terms with the surprise death of her husband, Wash –something which still brings the odd tear to my eye, I’m not afraid to say.

While some fans may prefer that this little bit of continuity be edged out in favour of returning Wash to the cockpit, I’d say there’s still plenty of scope for the series’ trademark humour and outsider’s eye on the effects of life on the scrounge through the eyes of characters like Simon Tam. Either way, I cannot wait to pick up the first issue of what’s sure to be a smash hit for Dark Horse. Not even the current lack of a writer announcement will stop me!

Sound off, Browncoats! Are you looking forward to more of this iconic story?

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