Half-Life 3? Half-Life 3!

Are we any closer to the return of Gordon Freeman?

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There’s a well-known phenomenon in English football called Fergie Time, named after the former Manchester United manager, where apparently a silent agreement is made between the manager of the team which is losing towards the end of the match and its referee, that the game will not end until the team has at least equalised, if not gone on to win the game. It’s rather unfair really – and stats have proved that it isn’t even true – but it’s not a patch on Valve Time.

Gabe Newell is a big meanie. There. I said it. Since Half-Life 2 was released along with subsequent Episode add-ons (which also took their sweet time about it), the gaming world has clamoured for news on a third instalment in the trilogy; when last we saw Dr Freeman his crew had been attacked by those horrible Advisor beasties. With the sad death of a key supporting character we were all set to visit the Aurora Borealis (At this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the country etc) in a new episode – but Mr Newell has kept us hanging on like the bad man he is. It’s been six years! In Valve Time it might only seem like hours, but we’ve been waiting for this an awfully long time!

But with two separate events happening within the same week, we could soon be treated to a new chapter in the story. Eurogamer reported that one of Valve’s internal workflow systems was accidentally left open to the general public, at which time some devious Reddit users were able to confirm that there is an ongoing project known as ‘Half-Life 3’. On top of this, sources including the Metro paper have confirmed that Valve took out a European copyright on the name of the game – although this could just be to sit on, it looks fairly damning…well, the opposite of damning actually…pretty bloody great when coupled with the internal data leak.

So, are Valve giving us a bit more of the old runaround/nerve-jangling we’ve come to expect? Or can we finally expect to see something a bit more concrete soon? Are you excited for another chapter in the story of the Freeman and the Alyx Vance?


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