ReBoot! cartoon remake!

Reboot CGI cartoon to have anniversary remake

Reboot cartoon

The Canadian action animation (which is actually pronounced ReBout…probably, seeing as it’s Canadian) is to be redeveloped in time for its upcoming 20th anniversary.


Since going off air in 2001, the sci-fi cartoon property has changed hands several times, but according to their press release, producers Rainmaker Entertainment have decided to re-name their TV production wing to Mainframe Entertainment in preparation and in reflection of past glories for what should be a bloody cool occasion.

I remember being blown away by these graphics when I first saw the programme. I was probably about ten years old. It may not hold up quite as well now, but that opening credit sequence has been pretty much seared to the inside of my retinas ever since. Coming up on 20 years later and we’ll just have to hope it retains some of that charm.

Producers must be pretty confident of getting a result from this; even though no deal has been struck with a Canadian TV channel yet, Rainmaker has been previously responsible for programmes like Transformers: Beast Wars and…erm, that Dire Straits video. Yep. They’ve also been quick to state that the new episodes will be a continuation of the show rather than starting again from scratch. What I’m saying is, it won’t be a re-….ah, nearly got me there!

Are you looking forward to seeing the continuing adventures of Bob, Enzo and Dot Matrix?

5 thoughts on “ReBoot! cartoon remake!

  1. I am not sure what to call this technique other than just calling it is cheap CGI, but I cannot stand how it looks. When Reboot came out, it was futuristic. In many ways, it fit the show perfectly.

    But now … now it is like every other horrible kid’s cartoon with an agenda (education, religion, maintaining a strict budget, etc.).

    In other words, I am very, very hesitant.

  2. I’m looking forward to how the update the show. True looking back it looks dated. So did Star Wars. And everything looks old, that’s why we call it old. But with the newest improvements in GCI the new episodes should be amazing. And in 20 years we can all make fun at them for being so old.

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