Nights at the Round Table

If you were one of those boring people with mainstream tastes, you probably wouldn’t think tabletop gaming was a particularly rich seam of humour ready to be mined. But you would be wrong, and that’s because you’re boring and mainstream.

If you aren’t, then I urge you to check out Nights at the Round Table, the new webseries from Redshirt Films.

Nights at the Round Table geeky webseries

The series features four characters brought together by the roll of a dice every Thursday night: there’s Max; keen gamer and the host…well, the son of the host if we’re talking whose house it is. There’s Milly: she’s the Game Master and doesn’t tolerate any disregard for the rules. There’s also Sam, who wants to disregard the rules just because he has nowhere else to be of an evening and finally Harmony, who may or may not have killed their fifth player.

Seeking a selfsame fifth player, the crew is subjected to a rotating cast of characters in each episode, searching for the one who can truly complete their team. And that’s what makes for such a great dynamic between the characters; the love of the game and their need to find that perfect fit while they argue over rules, commandments and laws. And angry baguettes. Nope; not getting into that one here.

Nights at the Round Table is a very finely-crafted webseries; ‘scribed’ by Redshirt founder Jamie McKeller, who has a keen ear for the kind of dialogue which wouldn’t have been amiss in the works of Pegg/Wright/Hynes/Frost, and as director a very good eye for setting the pace somewhere that’s hyper-real but ordinary and true to life at the same time.

At the time of writing four episodes are available online, with a pilot episode also available (but watch this one last because otherwise it’ll spoil some of the dialogue that gets delivered much more cannily in later episodes.) There’s a fifth instalment on the way soon, and I for one cannot wait for it.

Nights at the Round Table is brilliantly funny with just a touch of the surreal about it, with relatable characters and great dialogue. Get it watched. Now, who’s for a game of Bisk?

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