Deus Ex games not reality; newspaper unaware of this

The Sun newspaper strikes another brilliant blow for having one’s facts right.

If you have the unfortunate pleasure of working with me at my place of business, you’ll know that as a copywriter I have grave concerns about the declining standards of journalism – and even grammar – plaguing our newspapers and online news outlets these days. Why, it was only the other week that I read with some disgust of a football player’s struggle to return to full ‘phealth’. How did that P even get there?! And why the hell did nobody think to remove it before publishing the story?

By the same token, anyone with half a brain cell knows that The Sun newspaper isn’t at the cutting edge of journalism. But a recent feature which casts a keen eye over developing technology of the coming years really took the biscuit.

The Sun newspaper Deus Ex

image source: PC Gamer

The keen eye I’m referring to is, of course, a cybernetic implant which can be installed as an eyeball and used for all kinds of weird and wonderful things such as surfing online, doing some on-the-spot price comparison at the supermarket and, of course, breaking into production plants to prevent other nanotechnology from falling into the wrong hands.

Oh, sorry. That’s a video game series called Deus Ex. So how come this newspaper article, presented fully accurately as facts, truth and whatnot, mentions that a company called “Sarif Industries has developed an eyeball implant”?

That’ll be down to the scarily convincing viral campaign which allows you to visit the SI website and see what they’re working on. Only problem is, it’s obviously fake and an advert for the game. Not obvious enough for some spotty intern, it would seem, whose fact-checking was slacker than the security guard Jensen fell on top of the last time I played Human Revolution.

Moral of the story? Don’t believe everything you read. Now, for my next story I’ll be reporting on some incredible technology coming out of Aperture Labs…

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