Super Mario Galaxy: Game of the Generation

The upcoming release of the XBox One and PS4 brings to a close this generation of gaming, and one publication has announced their Game of the Generation; who knew that that cheeky Italian plumber still had it in him?

Super Mario Galaxy

Contributors to Eurogamer have been voting on their best games of the generation, and Super Mario Galaxy for Nintendo Wii has taken the honours.

And why not? We’ve had lands, we’ve had worlds, so why not go with a galaxy? Geography aside, SMG is fully deserving of the title, proving once again why Super Mario is the best-known video game brand in the galaxy. Well, the world at least.

And while we may smirk at the simplistic graphics of the Nintendo Wii when its rivals are much more capable, you can put all that aside just by admiring the sheer epic perspective of the worlds which Mario must conquer in his quest. It looks simply amazing; not especially realistic but then reality has never been Nintendo’s aim – you play a Nintendo game precisely because you want that sense of escapism which you don’t get from nuclear apocalypses and carjacking incidents on those other consoles.

In terms of innovation, the philosophy of Nintendo has always been ‘do what you can with what you’ve got’, meaning that while they will never win awards for pushing the hardware envelope, they’ll continue to do amazing dream-like things for those who just want to have some fun with their gaming. And if not, well, they can always make a few million from another Pokemon game can’t they?

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