Console Wars – Black Friday Blitzkrieg

First blood to Microsoft as XBox takes top two spots on Black Friday

Here in the UK we don’t do Black Friday, mainly because we’re not all spent up from having a made-up holiday the day before. (Just kidding.) But gamers and retail analysts alike have been all of a tizzy waiting to see which of the new consoles would emerge victorious from the retail rush of Black Friday – the first real post-release test of both Sony’s and Microsoft’s latest offerings.

XBox One Black Friday

The results are somewhat surprising. Not only did XBox One claim the 2013 spoils according to InfoScout, but Sony’s Playstation 4 was beaten into third place by the now last-gen console, the XBox 360; with the two Microsoft consoles together accounting for three-fifths of total console sales in two top US chains.

Playstations 3 and 4 both came in with 15% of total sales each, while Nintendo took only 7% of the market share for the day. That’s especially worrying for the Japanese giants as the Wii U, already struggling on the shelves, was ranked just one place above its predecessor, the now-seven years old original Wii which was apparently going for only sixty pounds in Walmart.

Even more shocking is that the top console was going for almost $500 dollars – a full hundred more than the PS4! It seems that limited PS4 availability was partly to blame for the relative no-show.

Sony PS4 Black Friday

Both consoles are less than a month old but already Microsoft has some serious leverage as we head into the season of Christmas shopping. Personally I won’t be going for either of the new consoles just yet – it’s gonna take a fair few more tasty games and at least one price drop for this big spender.

Have you obtained either of the new consoles yet? What do you make of them so far?

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