Geeks on E4: pre-watch warning

Because you demanded it, I’m going to try and plough my way through another episode of critically-acclaimed* reality TV show Geeks on E4.

E4 Geeks


Having lain the smackdown on last week’s episode, I was contacted by a surprising number of people who have or will feature on the programme – who wrote not to influence my opinion on them (because on the whole, those depicted on the programme were a sound bunch of people to begin with) but because they got a kick from the way I slated the format.

Well, that’s reality TV for you; if even the stars of the show can agree that the way they’ve been portrayed isn’t exactly agreeable, then how can one expect to enjoy the programme knowing that its makers have an agenda from the off? The whole thing about being a geek is sharing your passions with as many people as you can; that’s why conventions, events and parties up and down the country are attended by cosplayers, gamers and geeks – it’s somewhere to take pride in what you are with as many others as can fit inside bursting convention halls. You only have to look as far back as last weekend to witness the growing popularity of geek culture with the addition of a third hall at Thought Bubble in which sellers and small press turned up in their droves to push product and press the flesh. Which is why this bizarre portrayal of geek culture frightens me a little.

So, thanks to those comments (and the most visits to the site in a single hour – I even got a WordPress notification while it aired last night to say ‘WTF mate’) I’ve decided that this week I’ll watch the next episode and try to survive an entire 45 minutes’ worth (minus ads). It’ll give me something to do of an evening at least. And if I somehow go mad from the exposure to a second hour of reality TV in years; well, the sacrifice will be worth it to come up with something you’ll all hopefully find educational and, above all, amusing.

One more time. For science.

2 thoughts on “Geeks on E4: pre-watch warning

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