A Guide To Geekdom: 2013 Review

First off, I’d like to wish belated season’s greetings to all readers. This is typical of me to come in late. You know that.

As I type this, it’s New Year’s Eve-Eve and I still have a lot of Christmas presents to put away; games to be played and DVDs to be put at the bottom of my now ridiculously-sized To-View pile. But who needs to waste an evening de-cluttering their already over-junked study room when there’s a fun-packed edition of The Year In Review to write for my blog?

A Guide To Geekdom 2013

Since starting what eventually became my geek culture blog, A Guide To Geekdom late last year (on a different site, before compressing it all down and flinging it onto this website) what’s really struck me is the amount of people I’ve had the privilege of writing to about the stuff we’re all into – from fun tweets to depressing guest posts. There’s so much cool stuff going on out there in Blogland that these talented and passionate writers have got covered. It’s always an inspirational experience for me to check my WordPress Reader tab every day and see what’s out there to steal.

Just as it is to check my Facebook page, Google+ page or my Twitter account and see what kinds of conversations are going on, to jump in and get talking to a funny, intelligent and enthusiastic crowd such as you lot are. Hopefully there’ll always be plenty to talk about, so long as you guys are getting the Good Word of Geek out.

Looking at my own work, I think I’ve really come along as a blogger in the past 12 months. The one thing I wanted to bring to the table was positivity; those who know me best know that I’m not exactly buzzing with good vibes on a daily basis so hopefully I’ve managed to limit the negative stuff in favour of a consistently passionate and enthusiastic tone. Since deciding to deal with recent and much more negative aspects of geek representation, a more sarcastic but hopefully not too bitter side of my writing has emerged here, but I’m okay with that because I think I’ve managed to strike a good balance. I’m not saying it’ll go all doom and gloom from here on out, but neither should I try to omit the things which get me nerd-raged; it wouldn’t be honest and, selfishly, it probably would make me feel better to rant every now and then.

(Note: there are two episodes of that programme left in the series. For the sake of completion I think I will go ahead and watch/review.)

What worked?

Trying to broaden my horizons. I’m no wrestling expert but I had a great time writing that post about the Royal Rumble a couple of weeks back; judging by the views and feedback, I think a lot of you did reading it too.

Heavy doses of sarcasm. Like I said, watching E4’s Geeks has felt like a massive ordeal at times. But the truth is, I’ve actually had the pleasure of speaking to several of the show’s cast as a result of doing my research, and they are lovely people – if I’d decided to avoid the clearly dodgy programme in the first place then I wouldn’t have had that pleasure. And sticking up for my fellow geeks in the face of throwaway patronising television helped me work a few things out too about geeks’ place in the world.

Combining the two. On the stats side of things, the above have been probably two of my most wildly popular subject areas, so maybe more work is required on finding out what you guys are interested in the most and expounding more Geek Wisdom on…erm, wrestling and reality TV. Maybe I should watch that Total Divas programme or something. Or maybe not.

What didn’t work?

A Tune For Tuesday – let’s face it, these Youtube vids with brief introductions were purely filler, written for the sake of staying regular at least once a week. I need to take a look at my schedule and try to stay committed to writing regularly. There have been some frustrating gaps (such as over Christmas) where I needed to make sure that something went up for everyone to check out, instead of just linking to some (admittedly awesome) tunes. I hope to stick to a regular pattern of posts in 2014 so that people know when to click onto my site whether I’ve trailed it on Twitter or not. (Actually, I should also tweet more often in the first place.)  I think next year I’ll be joining up with Murf’s Listmas scheme – do check out those posts, there’s some great stuff in there which I hope to have the time to contribute to next time around.

DVRFFF – Next time I try to come up with something as catchy as DVR Full Fail Friday, kill me. The idea was: my Sky+ box was dangerously close to full so I had to watch something and review it each week. This clearly didn’t work, although to be fair since writing my last #DVRFF post, me and my lady have actually just gone out and bought the DVDs instead of letting full seasons of Angel and Carnivale clog up the box, it’s looking a lot healthier these days. However, as of this month some of the Studio Ghibli films on there have been recorded for two years. Yeesh.

For 2014…

…I also hope to have a cheeky site redesign – and maybe even get myself a .com of some description. I love the idea of having my very own corner of the web which one can only really feel by removing the wordpress bit from the domain name.

I also hope to be a little more out and about with my Geeky Reports; aside from the annual Thought Bubble Festival which I’ve covered for 2012 and 2013 there doesn’t seem to be a lot of IRL activity going on, which is something I hope to remedy by going outside a bit more often.

So there we go. In short: you guys are great, and I’ll try to be sarcastic more often. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to get in touch, liked my posts or even just read them; you’re all delightful in your own ways.

Here’s to a Geeky 2014! What are your geeky plans for the new year?

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