E4 Geeks: Episode Five

E4 Geeks: Episode Five – In which geeks just can’t get along because reality TV is a load of bollocks.

E4 Geeks Becca

…it can even drive you to drink. Photo of and credit: Becca Moriarty.

The reality TV torture continues with another episode of E4’s Geeks, which in this episode sees seven geeks take to the party scene in Los Angeles. Three Comic Con female fans join up with four World of Warcraft players in this episode, and are shown a good time at some cool nightlife spots by David Hasselhoff…

…’s daughter, who I’ve literally never heard of (unless she’s the one holding the camera in that viral video of him being all drunk.) I’ll get this out of the way; Taylor may know the hottest spots and the places to be seen, but personally I don’t even give her dad credit as A Thing That Happened To Culture, so why should I be any more tolerant of his offspring? She seems nice and all, but I’m assuming she’s been paid a fair whack of cash just to let them tag along to the bars and clubs that she would be going to regardless. Taylor bumps into our Cosplaying girls Ashleigh, Aisha and Becca (the latter two of whom you can follow in cosplay adventure at their great website) as they relax on the beach following a day of staring at be-pectoraled men on Venice Beach. As you do. Pfft.

Anyway. I’ve been doing some more of the old investigative journalism on the old Twitter, so I’ll say this about the WoW players and absolutely no more: I’m not entirely sure they’re the socially awkward type which this programme claims to champion in any way, shape or form. Their seemingly low-key holiday (which again, may have been edited so as to appear that way) takes a backseat to bitchiness as Ashleigh and Aisha disagree over the right way to spend their holiday. Aisha feels that Ashleigh is being too friendly with the boys to the extent that it makes the girls feel unwelcome, while Ashleigh is convinced that Aisha is just being a fuddy duddy. The awkward scenes that the programme tries to set up following these social skirmishes just makes for more of that birdsong-heavy background ambience while the boys stare at their shoes and poor Becca, caught in the crossfire, makes pleas for everyone to just get along.

Becca E4 Geeks

Marvel Girl and Wolverine in LA; by Becca Moriarty

The producers must have been relieved that they were able to engineer a situation arising from that friction because their Plan A was dead in the fucking water from the get-go. Without so much as an innocent flirtation between either party, the boys are practically falling over each other to blurt out that they’ve nearly all got girlfriends. The scenes were clearly edited in the wrong order because it’s only then that, with the other girls in bed, Ashleigh hangs out with the boys by the pool and we’re battered around the face with the impression that she’s flirting with them. She isn’t; she said as much when casually stating that she has more male friends than female.

Aisha goes on to accuse the boys of having a bad attitude, which gets a bit tiresome throughout the episode – that is, if you were to believe a second of the bullshit editing which would otherwise have you believe that they are just miserable sods. But they aren’t; they just didn’t necessarily expect to be sharing their holiday with strangers!

What shocked me more than anything is that I found myself agreeing with the tiresome voiceover man for the first time ever. As one of the girls laments that she never had the time to get to know Taylor, what with her being cool and a celebrity, Matt Edmondson cuts in with “…well, the daughter of a celebrity.” I’m as stunned as you are, readers.

Aisha E4 Geeks

Aisha with a mystery holiday friend! Photo by Becca Moriarty

I’m not going to waste my tired, sleep-deprived fingers on the twist ending; where it turns out that not all is rosy between Aisha and Ashleigh after all, because by that point – over an hour into the recording including breaks, the producers must have really thought they were onto a winner if they extended the runtime – I was just about done with them playing up the catfight angle to the detriment of the entire boys’ group; one of the few times we see them together, at the batting cages, the talk of the day is why the girls are arguing! They must have been a real bunch of boring sods…or perhaps not if their Twitter banter is to be believed.

Once again, what could easily have been a perfectly pleasant holiday with some minor disputes – absolutely nothing that doesn’t happen on holiday anyway, for god’s sake – is blown out of all proportion. It’s sad because our cast of geeks is once again made out to be beyond help despite their clearly being able to function within normal society.

The girls did look great in cosplay. At least there’s that. And their trip to JapanTown – holy crap, that place looks amazing!

Let’s end on the Cornette Face again because, well, why not.

E4 Geeks

One thought on “E4 Geeks: Episode Five

  1. Brady here from the episode. Just like to say your review is spot on in terms of highlighting the fact the show is clearly edited in a way to allow a ‘story’ to unfold, regardless if any detriment is caused to any of us contributors.

    Us lads went on the show for three reasons. One, the obvious one, it was a free holiday to LA. Two, we were told it would be a lads holiday and we could do absolutely anything we wanted and the only cameras there would be documenting what we do and the occasional interview etc. And finally, to show that just because you have a geeky hobby, it does not define you as a person or mean you fall into the ‘reclusive, socially awkward’ stereotype. Yes I have confidence issues and am quite self-conscious, but me actually going on and appearing on a TV show was my way of helping those (which I incidentally repeated a lot during the interviews yet none appeared).

    The free holiday is an obvious reason, we were going to America, all expenses paid! You’d have to be crazy to turn that down, or very very cynical. I personally love America and jumped at the chance to go back there. I travelled across the states back in 2011 with Trek America and then headed to and stayed in NYC after the trek had finished for a week with people from the Trek. It was truly one of the best times of my life and doing it made me fall in love with the country.

    So when I had the opportunity to go back I couldn’t say no. As a group, it would be our first holiday abroad together. We’ve been to festivals etc together but nothing like this. We realised that there would be catches along the way, but we went there knowing we were going to have an epic time and get smashed in LA (which is what we did!). However, Shine and e4 edited the show in a way to make us out to be boring bastards, who had a shit time and sat there in awkwardness throughout. My arse man!

    The second reason was because we were told it would be a lads only holiday. This was a real draw for us. Three of us have long term girlfriends and I have a 10 month old baby so we didn’t want to go on a TV show where they would try and create or set up relationships or scenarios where they could come about. If we’d of known beforehand that they were going to try and do this then we would have told them where to go. But they guaranteed us that it wasn’t like that. Hmmm.

    Thus, explains our reactions. We were obviously pissed off as we knew what they were trying to do but also because they lied to us, yet again. It got to the point where we refused to do anything because we were sick of being lied to by them and being made to look like idiots. Take the Venice Beach scene for example (the fact I’d been here before and knew how much of a mess the place was didn’t help), making us walk up a stretch of the sidewalk toward Muscle Beach where they wanted us to watch the fella’s working out. You having a laugh!? Why on earth would we go and watch people work out when in LA. Big whoop ‘Muscle Beach’ has starred on countless films and TV shows but personally I couldn’t give a toss. Which is why I wasn’t too happy on the day they interviewed us there. By the time that interview had happened as well we had been there for about 3/4 hours, the majority doing sod all. So understandably we were aggrieved to say the least!

    The fact we got told we could do anything we wanted and then never got to do remotely anything but had to play along with their ridiculous scenarios pissed us off even more. It was then we said we weren’t going to carry on unless we could be seen to have a laugh doing stuff we ‘wanted’ and have a drink! Up to this point they frowned upon us ‘indulging’ in alcohol as it would be seen to promote it. Screw that, we’re on holiday and we want to get pissed. Which from there on out we did!

    It’s funny and co-incidental that they didn’t really show more footage from within the clubs, probably because they would see us all having a laugh and getting drunk! One of the scenes that annoys me the most and is taken way out of context was the second club night where I said “I’ve never been to a club like this before”. Meaning, I’ve never been to a VIP club, full of celebrities and where people all around where smoking joints, in the open, willy-nilly in the club! They cleverly edited out the whole conversation and used the bit to make me out to be somebody who’s never been out before.

    But, to be honest, it was probably our own fault they edited us out to be boring. We absolutely ruined the drinks budget for the show, doubling what they set out apparently and were always drunk for interviews after the nights out. Which is such a shame as we made so many funny ones, me and Luke sharing a bro-mance moment after the final night, Tony being sick on my shoes haha or me getting into the hot tub fully clothed during Daz’s interview because I was too drunk to get undressed!

    To be fair, if they had done there research correctly before the show we would not have even been approached to go on! Yes we have geeky hobbies, but we’re about as socially awkward as Louie Spence is straight!

    Which brings me onto my final reason. We wanted to challenge the stereotype associated with geeky hobbies and show that just because you have them does not necessarily mean you are a recluse, who is afraid to talk to people and does nothing but the said hobby. Yes we play World of Warcraft, but we most definitely have lives outside of the game! If I didn’t how would I have met my girlfriend and had a baby, how would I have obtained a degree and travelled the US or been away to Magaluf and various other destinations several times!?

    Just because we have a mutual interest in online gaming means sod all. In fact, I guarantee the majority of lads and girls in our age group do game online too. That is what we wanted to show, that it is more common than not, and just because we play an MMO we’re no different.

    Looking back I shouldn’t have been so naive into thinking this is what the show was going to be about. I thought they would be trying to show that Geeks can be ‘cool’ regardless of hobbies. Yet no, they tried their hardest to make us out to be socially retarded recluses. Going to the extent of getting a voice over fella cracking awful one liners trying to get cheap laughs off the masses (yet again something they said would not be in the show). They went far enough to use the listening shots as ‘awkward’ silences!

    I’m glad however, that although they edited the show the way they did – making us out to be boring sods – there are people out there that actually seen through the crap they finally produced. It may have taken you to investigate us a little but it shows you still had your doubts! I just hope there are plenty others who watched the show and realised too.

    All in all, regardless of the final outcome of the show, we had an epic time and I’m so glad I went on it. We did what we set out to do going away. Have a laugh, get smashed and make memories!

    I’ll sign off with the reason I believe they made us out to be the way they did, they bit off more than they could chew!

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