Flappy Bird eBay Meltdown

Madness ensues as the world goes Flappy for a severely overrated mobile game.

Considering how many tablets and phones are now up for auction on eBay which contain Flappy Bird, I’m surprised that my search results are asking if I meant to put ‘floppy bird’ in the eBay search bar.

No, no I didn’t. And nor do I have any interest in buying one of these ludicrous items.

Flappy Bird eBay

Get this, people; after the game was taken down from the proper app stores by its creator Dong Nguyen for being “too addictive”, there was no way to officially and properly download the game to your smartphone. So I was a bit shocked to say the least when eBay was swarmed by sellers flogging off their smartphones which still contain the download.

What shocked me even more? The absolutely insane bids to buy these phones.

Thousands and thousands of pounds being bid on these smartphones and tablets – worth no more than £4-500 when purchased brand new – but somehow the presence of one app is jacking up their price. There’s not even any consistency in pricing here here – the difference I’m seeing here between an iPhone 4 8GB and one 16GB unit – both with this classic game installed – is over £700.

At the time of writing, bids on a 16GB Apple iPhone 4 end in 15 minutes – and the current high bid is £909.00.


You know what hurts more than the fact that this generation has more money than sense? Or the fact that there are far, far easier ways to get hold of this game than to shell out the best part of a grand just to get your hands on one measly app? You know what hurts more than this poor developer guy who was making far too much money in ad revenue for this game?


There. I said it. This addictive game which, according to its creator, was crippling society because of how oh so addictive it is, is neither a) fun or b) original. I downloaded it for the sake of investigative journalism and played for all of ten minutes. The artwork was ripped straight off Nintendo for god’s sake. There are any number of games on the app stores right now which play exactly the same – in fact, there’ll be hundreds more now that the market-leading game is gone.

*click* Another Flappy Bird clone just went online. *click* and another. *click* and another.

I despair, guys. I really, really do. This level of idiocy being displayed is just…god, I cannot believe it. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it turns out the game isn’t actually installed on half of these – I mean, how can you possibly prove it?


Touché, greedy eBay sellers. Touché.

Edit: And now people are taking advantage of those mourning the game’s loss by tricking them into sending premium rate texts while they play. If you’re stupid enough to pay £900 for a phone which has it, you’re bound to fall for this too. CLIMB  OUT OF YOUR HOLES, PEOPLE.

Edit: The auction I was watching ended. The winning bid was £1,019.

Flappy Bird eBay auction

7 thoughts on “Flappy Bird eBay Meltdown

  1. How does the expression go? “A fool and his money are soon parted”? So many face palms when I started hearing these reports.

  2. I think that there weirdest part of all this was that he claims he took the game down because it was too addictive. Did he originally design the game to be boring and unplayable?

    Also, moar cornette face plz.

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