Writer’s Block

Writer’s block happens to everyone – I just wish I’d not started a whole new blog before it happened to me.

writer's block

The main reason it’s happening is that I suppose I’m not quite sure what I want to make of this old place just yet. While I’d be happy sharing my views on the latest trailers for The Winter Soldier or A Dame To Kill For, I’d rather just let people see them for themselves without feeling the need to weigh in on Chris Evans’ hair or the pros and cons of making a sequel to Sin City so long after the first one came out.

I wouldn’t just want to report on industry news – films, games, TV programmes – because there are people much more qualified than I am to do that, and although there is so much to look forward to over the coming months, I can’t say I’m ready to start thrashing away at my keyboard in anticipation just yet.

I think maybe I just need to bide my time and wait for the right thing to come along and get me drooling from/frothing at the mouth (delete as appropriate).

And I still want to make more daytrips to check out the latest geek action; there was a sci-fi fair last week in Leeds that I was sadly too hungover to catch a train for (damn you, reasonably-priced vodka and coke!) but there’s a retro games fair happening next week that I’m gonna be sure to catch.

Meanwhile, I guess I’m a little tired. Been really very busy at work lately where I’m lucky enough to make a living as a writer, and so maybe I’m sick of the sight of a computer by the time I get home and catch up on my stories. (My stories of late being 24, Angel, How I Met Your Mother and The US Office).

Or maybe I’m pissed off at Batman. (Don’t make me say that again in case he hears me. Shit, he’s behind me isn’t he) But it’s true; I’m playing through Arkham Origins and it feels more like Arkham Motions – as in ‘going through the motions’ amIrite? I’m disappointed with it so far but hopefully business will start to pick up soon.

Sometimes I feel there’s too much to read, to play and to listen to, and it just tires me out.

Worst geek ever.

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