Don’t Hate The Beard, Hate The Game

Why Daniel Bryan won’t win the WWE World Title at Wrestlemania XXX.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have been frightening colleagues at work on Tuesday morning by side-hopping up and down your office chanting “YES! YES! YES!”

Okay, maybe your office would frown upon that; nonetheless you’ll have been as pleased as I was with the announcement from Monday Night RAW that could see The People’s Beard, Daniel Bryan walking away from Wrestlemania XXX with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Daniel Bryan Royal Rumble 2014

Daniel Bryan – image by Krystal Bogner

Bryan took to the ring during the show’s opening segment and brought in a group of fans, each wearing YES t-shirts and chanting loudly until the Authority’s Triple H was forced to answer; making the match that Daniel Bryan wanted – The Game vs The Beard at Wrestlemania XXX.

Further to that, we got an even better piece of news – that, should Bryan beat Hunter, he would then be inserted into the Main Event for the WWE Title – a match that fans have done their very best to put down as a reason not to order in the first place.

On paper, Batista v Randy Orton is…well, to be honest a match on paper would be more fun to watch than this proposed big match at the thirtieth Wrestlemania – and so the prospect of Daniel Bryan getting into the match should liven things up a bit provided he wins.

Unfortunately – heartbreakingly so – as much as WWE claims to have listened to the fans baying for Bryan to get into this match, I sadly can’t see them acquiescing to that final piece of booking which would see The Beard get The Belt. Here’s why:

The all-encompassing pay-off to a babyface becoming World Champion at Wrestlemania is the final piece in the puzzle that’s seen him in the picture for months before; a prime example would be Stone Cold Steve Austin who, robbed of the belt in autumn 1998 by Vince McMahon, The Undertaker and Kane, had to wait until he’d won the main event of Wrestlemania XV to get it back. To get to that point he had to beat McMahon in a cage match the month before; to get to that point he’d had to be the runner-up in the Rumble; to even get into the Rumble (and come out first) he had to bury The Undertaker alive the month before that – not to mention the screwery which awaited him at Survivor Series in November before that.

That’s a long, long way to go for a big title win; much more than simply turning up at RAW with a few fans and using guerrilla tactics to get a match just three weeks away. I don’t believe that two big wins on the night would do Daniel Bryan the same level of justice that a long, drawn-out booking process would have garnered – don’t forget, the road did begin for him after being screwed by Orton and Triple H at Summerslam, but came to a grinding halt as he was waylaid by The Wyatt Family only to see (sigh) the Big Show and (ehh) John Cena taking his spot in the title picture. He initially teamed with CM Punk before entering into his own kidnap/allegiance/breakup angle with the Wyatts which only ran for about a month!

All the while the fans never gave up on Daniel Bryan – and why would they when dealing with one of the most legitimately ‘over’ guys I’ve watched in years – but the WWE’s use of the real-life ‘YES Movement’ in one of its own fictional angles seems rather hokey to me. I hope to god I’m proved wrong but by doing this and – heaven forfend – having Bryan still come up short on the big night feels to me like the WWE’s way of saying “yep, we heard you the first time. We’re not bothered.”

I’ll just hope I’m wrong while I’m pressing the red button to order Wrestlemania XXX on 6th April.

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