Dreamcast was as old as Wii U when cancelled; had sold more

Sega’s final console the Dreamcast was more successful than Nintendo’s latest as the Wii U comes of equal age.

Just a quick one before I get back to my big pile of Easter Eggs.


MCVUK’s Ben Parfitt has drawn the attention of bitter Sega fans everywhere that their favourite son, gone before its time, the Dreamcast, was at this equivalent point in time more successful than the Wii U before meeting its demise.

Quite a shocking stat when you think about it; I’ve written before of the major stumbling blocks which did away with the Dreamcast; an extremely troublesome launch caused by the company’s very public killing-off of the Dreamcast’s predecessor, along with their inability to keep up with demand on the PS2.

Sega Dreamcast

Despite claiming a million sales in North America just two months after launching, the Dreamcast would go on to sell just ten million units – more than the six million Wii Us claimed sold by Canada.com’s Patrick O’Rourke.

We all know the Wii U is capable of some absolutely astonishing stuff – see the trailers for Mario Kart 8 if you want to see some of the finest graphics ever witnessed in gaming – but since gaming grew up to be the more adult pursuit it is nowadays, do gamers have the patience for the family-friendly stuff which Nintendo has always touted above and beyond the grittier games we see so many of nowadays?

A gaming giant like Nintendo will be hesitant to pull the plug just yet – Sega was in much worse shape than they are at the moment when they decided to withdraw from console manufacturing – but with the Nintendo brand struggling to stay relevant in the world of Grand Theft Call of Halo, perhaps a rethink is needed after all; especially when reading on My Nintendo News that the 3DSXL has been slashed in price too at some UK retailers.

On the day that the Game Boy officially turns 25 – more on that later I hope! – looking back between then and now is a rather sobering thought for retro-gaming types.

2 thoughts on “Dreamcast was as old as Wii U when cancelled; had sold more

  1. I really want a 3DS/Wii U hybrid, though it would definitely need to be their next venture to get right. I think there’s a ton of room in the market to aim for the first handheld position in conjunction with the second console spot. I think most gamers do want a Nintendo option, but it makes little sense to opt for the Wii U over far superior 3DS offerings.

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