Potential entrants in WWE Money in the Bank 2014

The Money in the Bank ladder match awaits – Who’s in it to win it on 29th June?

Phew! Well, I was all set to get my thoughts down on who might be entering the headlining event at this year’s Money In The Bank pay-per-view with a few potential entries, but shit went weird on Monday Night Raw last night and, after mulling over one of the two big shocks of the night it sort of changes everything.

Stephanie McMahon’s announcement that, if he is unfit to defend his title against Kane at the event, Daniel Bryan will be stripped of the WWE World Heavyweight title is one thing – but her then saying that the centrepiece of the ladder match itself would be for the gold is quite another!

WWE Money in the Bank 2014 preview

Image by Megan Elice Meadows, sourced from Flickr

If there’s one thing the WWE has managed to do lately, John Cena match results aside, it’s to keep the fans guessing. Whether Bryan will be fit enough to compete is probably not in any doubt – he’ll do the underdog thing and turn up for the fight – but the fact that the ladder match might be for more than that shiny briefcase is a pretty big step in determining who’s set to face off in the match itself.

If only a contract for the title shot was on the line you’d expect to see the usual upper-midcard guys hoping for a bit of the rub that comes with holding the briefcase – but with the title itself on the line there would be a significant uptick in the status of the talent on show.

Unfortunately those doubts were thrown pretty sharply off the tracks by the time we saw who had qualified for the first spot; Alberto Del Rio cemented his place in the match last night on Monday Night Raw with a win against Dolph Ziggler (who deserves better). He’s been on the up lately and is as good as he ever was – I thought he was great against…yep, Cena…when I saw their match at WWE Leeds – but I think there’s a few too many potential world champions between Del Rio and the title. By all means get him in the mix for the briefcase – he’ll make it a good competitive bout – but unless he’s down for a few more impressive wins between now and the end of June I can’t see him in a match for the World title.

Stephanie McMahon shocked everyone when she said she could feasibly take away Daniel Bryan’s championship and hoist it above the ring for the Money In The Bank match – but Bryan’s underdog gimmick needs to thrive even more now that he’s the champion to make both he and his opponents look stronger. Especially Kane. He definitely needs this. If Bryan lost the title he’d held for just two months, though an improvement on the last title reign, it wouldn’t do him any favours. And with the two world titles now unified as one, there’s only going to be the one ladder match either way which means it needs a young buck with a briefcase to convincingly challenge for it over the summer.

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