WWE Network UK launch details

Monday 3 November launch date for WWE Network – mystery monthly fee ($9.99) applies.

I’ve long been wondering about the UK launch of the WWE Network – the video on demand service from the WWE.

WWE Network UK launch details

Basically it’s a monthly subscription service which, alongside a lot of original programming, allows viewers access to two main arms of entertainment. This Monday it launches in the UK – through the usual PCs, tablets and phones – before jumping onto XBox and other devices on the 18th November – just in time to see the Survivor Series live.

Best of all, new customers can get full WWE Network coverage throughout November for FREE- much cheaper than paying the £14.95 to get it from Sky Box Office – and taking up their monthly subscription of $9.99 (£6.25) from December. Best of all, an upfront commitment is no longer required; you can cancel any time.

So what’s in store for WWE Network subscribers?

Streaming live WWE monthly events

Firstly, each monthly pay-per-view can be streamed live, starting in the UK with November’s Survivor Series which is shaping up nicely despite it being pretty much safe that we won’t see Brock Lesnar make a WWE title defence.

The only match announced so far will see Lesnar’s number one contender, John Cena, captain a team against Triple H’s Authority, which will likely feature Kane, Randy Orton and Seth Rollins.

Survivor Series was one of the WWE’s Big Four PPV events since it launched in 1987, and has provided some of the company’s biggest moments, both scripted and unscripted. It saw The Undertaker debut in 1990 and win the WWF title from Hulk Hogan a year later; it also had the Montreal Screwjob.

All of this history is what makes Survivor Series one of the better-subscribed events of the WWE calendar, which makes their decision to offer new WWE subscribers – both here in the UK and in the US – the month of November for free, very intriguing indeed.

A massive library of WWE, WCW, ECW events

More interestingly for me than the chance to get the current product live every month is the decades and decades’ worth of footage available from former WWE rivals ECW and WCW among others.

ECW boomed in the mid-to-late 90s as the hardcore answer to the hokey WWF product, mentioned in my last post; while WCW was the main game in town for long stretches of the 90s.

The chance to see key events from these periods in wrestling, the Monday Night Wars and each and every PPV by these three huge wrestling companies has me drooling at the prospect of forking over my $9.99 per month – for some reason they didn’t bother changing that into £6.25 during their announcement – an absolute steal for someone who’s as passionate about ‘sports entertainment’ as I am.


Mere MINUTES before the 8pm launch, WWENetwork tweeted that the UK rollout has been delayed “until further notice”.

Who even knows why this happened – perhaps their servers melted from the demand, or barely even warmed up due to the lack of demand. But this is the second time they’ve held off now. Maybe if the fans start chanting “9.99” on this month’s UK tour they’ll have second thoughts.

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